Best promotions at closed sales in USA

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Clever marketers do all kinds of tricks to increase the level of sales! They invent “the world shopping days”, “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”, the promotion called “come naked – leave dressed”, etc.

One of the ideas that attracted many customers was the website of “closed sales”, which have become extremely popular and created a serious competition for the traditional online shops. Maybe you have not met the term “closed sale”, but you must’ve heard about the most popular shops working in this format:,, etc.

What do they represent?

Everything genial is simple. Someone thought that the customers got sick of scrolling through the pages with the goods on the websites of the store, as this activity causes nothing but sleepiness and can’t motivate the customer to make a purchase. Sales season that lasts only one month per year is not an option either. Customers need a non-stop sale, a bright holiday that would act like a magnet.

That is how the concept of “closed sale” was born. This is an online store where the new sales with specific duration start every day at certain times. They can last 24, 48, 72 hours or more. Sale products can be united by a certain brand, product category, size, amount of discount, etc.

For example, here are typical sales than can start on one website at the same time:

“Timberland shoes”,

“women’s bags up to $100”,

“cashmere accessories with a discount up to 80%”,

“children’s toys from Fischer Price”,

“tableware from Villeroy & Boch”.

Besides, you probably wondered why to use the term “closed sales”. It has just got accustomed. Initially, to add thrill, the manufacturers decided to give access to the “closed sales” only on the invitation link. However, sellers refused from this practice almost immediately and gave access to anyone who wanted it. However, the name remained in daily use.

Now it is easy. You log in, choose the product and buy it (if you catch it in time). Of course, the quantity of offers is limited. Sometimes, the most generous offers disappear in seconds after the beginning of sale. Privileged users get access before anyone else. Generally, there is a schedule for a week.

The range of sales is usually small (the sellers usually bet on lazy people). The page is very colorful and bright. Many websites specially design every new sale to match different holidays or events. Great attention is paid to the image of goods. Everything is so beautiful that you can buy even something unnecessary. Your hand will be magnetically attracted to the button “buy”.

What do they sell?

What do the web stores with the “closed sales” sell? In the vast majority of cases, the set is the same. Men’s, women’s, children’s and teen clothing, boxes with complete looks at Cratejoy, shoes and all kinds of accessories: starting with women’s bags and sunglasses and ending with jewelry and wrist watches. You can often find cosmetics and perfumery at Usually, there are also goods for household (especially kitchen), active rest, small electronics and home appliances.

And of course, as you’ve probably realized, the main pull factor on any sale is the price. The very concept of “closed sale” implies that the prices should be dizzyingly low. Using Cratejoy coupon codeone can save significantly and find something special.
Yes, many sites often lie shamelessly when putting a sky-high price and offering a “fantastic” discount. You’re probably aware of this simple combination. The stores bet on the “beautiful cover” and huge discounts. What else do you need for simple shopping happiness?

However, the same shops offer other goods with a really big discount, and some sales represent the attraction of unprecedented generosity.