Technology making care better

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The care sector in the UK is one of the most regulated industries of all The regulations in place are very strict and there are sadly a handful of cases where the law is flouted either deliberately or on purpose.

However, the regulations are such that these cases have reduced dramatically, and the strength of the regulations ensures that fair compensation and even punishment through fines of prison sentences does prevail.

Controlling regulations with technology

One area where technology is assisting care providers can improve care within and beyond regulation is in the management of carers, care homes, and domiciliary care agencies. Simple technology such as Log my Care is taking the pressure off many carers and care environments by properly managing and assigning care tasks and duties.

Reporting for regulatory purposes is difficult for many care organizations and it is very easy to fail inspection criteria on reporting alone. While on face value things may look like they are running smoothly and residents are happy, with closer inspection cracks can soon be revealed. These cracks can come at a high price and thus technology that can improve care and ensure regulatory needs are met is fast changing how care homes and hospitals must work.

Tech making training better

Another area where technology is playing an important role in improving care to residents in training. Carers are in short supply in the UK and they all need training. Ordinarily, training means taking time away from and out of work and this places pressure of care homes and hospitals. Technology is assisting with this through online training.

Online training means a nurse or caregiver can study at their leisure. Using technology many of the best training schools and companies in the UK are making their courses available to students who would otherwise struggle to attend courses.

Moreover, students studying online via a phone, tablet or laptop are enjoying their training and many are taking additional courses because the value of training is being realized. All this makes for exceptionally well-trained staff that can still do their valuable work learning and putting their new skills into practice simultaneously to improve levels of care.

Overlapping technology is good

Technology that helps manage a care home or home care business can indicate where more training is needed. Taking the information from one system enables managers to identify training needs that can be addressed by other technology.

Systems working together, not necessarily integrated, provide valuable information that can be used to improve overall care. So, the next time you see a nurse using their phone while on duty, think twice they may be studying their notes to help the patient they are caring for or making sure they are caring in the prescribed manner.