Best Kratom Vendors: Top Kratom Suppliers of 2021

Biak-Biak or Kratom is an evergreen tree native to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

It is only now that the interest in and use of this natural herb has risen dramatically in North America and Europe, however, in the indigenous regions of Southeast Asia, Kratom has been used in herbal medicine since the 19th century.

If you often feel low on energy and lack the motivation to do your daily workouts or household chores, then Kratom can help uplift your mood and provide you with the energy and stamina you need.

We have for you, the list of the Best Kratom Vendors there are in the online market, who provide high-quality Kratom products to keep you safe and healthy in this ongoing pandemic.

Kratom can help you with chronic pain, postpartum bone pain, marijuana addiction, genetic pain disorders, depression and anxiety. It can help you feel optimistic, elevate your mood and contribute to your overall well-being.

So without any further ado, here is the list of the most trustworthy and popular Kratom Venders to get you started!

Top 3 Kratom Vendors

  1. Kats Botanicals – Best Quality Kratom Powder
  2. Kraken Kratom – Best Enhanced Kratom Extracts
  3. Golden Monk – Best for Bulk Buy

1. Kats BotanicalsBest Quality Kratom Powder

In today’s market with a large number of unregulated vendors selling impure mis-labelled products of low quality, Kats Botanical Kratom is one of the most sought after vendors which claims to sell 100% natural products with pure Kratom ground leaves.

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Kats Botanicals Review: Brand Overview

Kats Botanicals was created in 2016 by Justin Kats to provide the purest and safest products to help kratom users feel their best.Despite being new to the Kratom industry, Kats Botanicals has risen quickly to be one of the most popular Kratom vendors among users and is an American Kratom Association certified Kratom Vendor.Based in New Jersey, USA, it is a team of farmers, chemists and doctors who all believe in the therapeutic benefits of Kratom. Kats Botanicals works with Indonesian farmers to ensure that the traditional farming practices of hand-plucking leaves and sun-drying them are carried out perfectly.It claims to verify the validity and quality of the leaves used to make the products, through a trusted distributor, click here for more information.

Pros of Kats Botanicals:

  • Kats Botanicals is cGMP certified
  • More than 9000 satisfied customers
  • Transparency of the testing and manufacturing process
  • Provides free shipping to all orders above 100$
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 30-day full money-back guarantee
  • Produced using high quality and mature kratom leaves

Cons of Kats Botanicals:

  • Kratom may react badly if taken with other drugs, so consult your doctor if you are currently on any other medications.
  • You may have to pay shipping if you don’t order in bulk (>100$)

Kats Botanicals Products:

Kats Botanicals supplies one of the best quality Kratom products including kratom powder and kratom capsules.

  1. Kats Botanicals Powder

They sell Kratom powder by the colour – white, red, green and by place of origin- Maeng Da, Bali, Thai, Borneo, Brunei and Malay.  They also have a variety of flavours for you to choose including chocolate.The most popular of the Kats Botanicals powders used for pain, anxiety and depression are

  • Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom – is a clean veined Kratom from the riverbanks of Kapuas River. This variety is best for people looking for a mild experience.
  • Digital Buddha Kratom Powder- is made with a blend of 50%white,30 % green and 20% red veined kratom. It can help you feel calm, focused and comfortable.
  • Dark Elephant Kratom Powder – is a 100% red-veined kratom which can help you feel restorative and positive.
  • Above the Waves Kratom Powder – is made using 2 different red vein strains, this is a perfect choice for people looking for “full-spectrum” Kratom experience.
  • Green Sunda Kratom Powder – is made using Kratom imported from the Sunda Islands and can help you feel motivated, well and can take your edge off after a long day of work.

Other than these, Kats Botanicals have more than 20 different Kratom powders to choose from, each having different effects and benefits.

  1. Kats Botanicals Capsules

Their capsules contain only pure Krato powder which delivers notable effects within 30-45minutes of consumption. Popular Kratom capsules produced by Kats Botanicals include – The wedge kratom capsules, Plantation Maeng Da Kratom, Spacebird Kratom and many more.

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Why Choose Kats Botanicals?

All the products manufactured by Kats Botanicals are refined and produced abiding by the federal laws of the State. It claims to test each batch of Kratom product via a third-party and state-verified lab.

  • All Products are Scientifically Tested – Labs test all Kratom products perfectly ensure that the Kratom powder is nothing but the purest. Products are also tested for pathogens like salmonella, e.coli, coliforms and moulds, which if consumed, can have harmful effects on the human body.
  • All Products Contain Only 100% Natural Ingredients – Kats Botanicals claims to use all-natural ingredients to produce the best quality Kratom. Their Kratom is free from heavy metals like cadmium or nickel that can be present in the plant material.
  • Extremely Effective and Potent Kratom – Kats Botanicals Kratom is produced using 100% pure ground Kratom leaves which is grown using zero pesticides, making it completely safe to consume.
  • Non- Addictive Kratom – Kratom manufactured does not have any addictive properties. It can be used to recover from addiction to pharmaceutical and street drugs.
  • Full Transparency of The Manufacturing Process – At Kats Botanicals, you can get the full details of all their testing, production and manufacturing process. All you need to do is contact them and they will happily provide you with the copies of the tests.

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Purity Testing at Kats Botanicals:To ensure that the quality of Kratom is nothing but the best, Kats Botanicals have a sophisticated testing procedure for all their products.Testing is done in certified labs in Maine where products are subjected to numerous purity and quality tests to assess their potency and efficiency.

Kats Botanicals Kratom undergoes the following tests (among others) before the final products are rolled out into the market –

  1. Sensory Test – The products first undergo the sensory test which observes the look, touch and smell of the product.  The results are compared to a benchmark quality indicator to make sure they pass the industry standards.
  2. High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography – This is used to separately identify any impurities(if any) present in Kats Botanicals Kratom.
  3. Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry – This is used to separate the impurities and unwanted ingredients from the Kratom.
  4. Thin- Layer Chromatography – To determine the purity of Kratom.

Where to Buy Kats Botanicals and its Pricing and Shipping Policy?

It is advised to buy Kats Botanicals from their official website only to avail the best offers and discounts offered by them and to also ensure the purity and quality of the product are the best.

  • 1 bottle containing 60 Kratom Capsules for $19.99.
  • 20 grams of Kratom Powder at only $5.99.
  • 250gms of Kratom Powder at only $34.99.

Kats botanicals provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but if you are not happy with the results it also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t see the desired results within 30days of buying their product you can ask for a full refund.

2. Kraken Kratom – Best Enhanced Kratom Extracts

Living in a world of the internet is certainly easy, You don’t have to roam around in search of the products you are looking for. You can simply do your research online and find what you are looking for. This also holds while looking for Kratom vendors. Most of the vendors sell only online through different websites. Although it’s easier buying kratom online, there are still a plethora of vendors who claim to provide good quality kratom but are not reliable. If you want to cut to the chase and find the best kratom extract seller, then Kraken Kratom is the answer!

Kraken Kratom: Brand Overview

Kraken Kratom is one of the most popular and recognized Kratom brands and is the first vendor to be certified by the American Kratom Association. It is a family-owned company based in Portland, USA founded by Jeff, Brooks and Drew Stratton.It was created in 2014 to provide consistent, high quality and natural kratom products. Kraken Kratom has an experience of more than 15 years of sourcing Kratom leaves and all their products undergo standardized laboratory testing.

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Pros of Kraken Kratom:

  • cGMP certified and American Kratom Association verified.
  • Post and pre-workout supplements can help with your daily workouts.
  • 100% natural, vegan and fresh products.
  • Good quality packaging and free shipping.
  • Discount coupons are available.
  • Lab-tested and QC inspected.
  • GMP process followed for blending and testing.

Cons of Kraken Kratom:

  • Don’t cover return shipping charges.
  • The products can only be bought online.

 Kraken Kratom Products:

  1. Kratom Powder and Leaf –

All the kratom powder and crushed leaves offered by Kraken Kratom is made using high-quality plant material only. Their catalogue of products contains a lot of variety and strains.Kraken offers 16 different varieties of extracts and leaves and the most preferred products are –

  • Bali Kratom Powder and Leaf Extract – is an all-natural stress reliever.
  • Maeng Da Thai Kratom Powder – is preferred by people with depression and anxiety.
  • Red Vein Kali Powder – is mostly used for chronic pain relief.
  • Super Indo Kratom Powder – provides a feeling of strong euphoria and re-energizes your body. It has stimulating and activating effects.
  • Sumatra Kratom Powder – helps achieve a more relaxed mental state and results in an improved sense of well being.
  • Super Green Malaysian Powder – is more long-lasting than other strains of Kratom. It is a high- alkaloid strain, therefore beginners should start from a small dose and gradually increase their way up.
  1. Kratom Extract and Enhanced Kratom –

All Kraken extracts are produced using leaves which were harvested at their peak maturity level.The best Kraken extract and enhances kratom are  –

  • Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Powder – is stronger than the traditional kratom powder. Only a small quantity of 1gm can help you feel euphoric, energized and happy.
  • Gold Reserve Kratom Extract – for users who want a “ full-spectrum” experience.
  • Enhanced Bali Kratom Powder – can help you relax and make you stress-free within minutes.
  • Platinum Kratom Extract – made using white vein Sumatra kratom, it is a new update to their gold reserve kratom.
  1. Kratom Capsules –

Kraken Kratom offers all-natural vegan-friendly capsules made using purified water and organic cellulose. Their capsules are also kosher and halal certified.Some popular Kraken capsules are – white vein Borneo, Ultra enhanced Indo kratom soft gels, ultra enhanced Indo tea capsules, Kraken gold elite tea capsules and many more.

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Why Choose Kraken Kratom?

  1. Abides By Safety standards of Covid-19 – Kraken follows rigorous safety standards like social distancing, strict guidelines for product handling, increased disinfecting among others to keep you and your family safe.
  2. Rewards Program – Kraken Kratom Rewards program lets you earn and redeem amazing rewards every time you order. A 100reward equals 1$.
  3. Buying Guide and More – Kraken offers a free guide to all their users and a Kratom 101 for first-time users.
  4. Pre and Post Workout Supplements – Kraken offers two different and unique pre and posts workout kratom supplements which can help you feel energized and motivated before and after strenuous workouts.
  5. High-quality Extract and Powder – Kraken Kratom products are produced using only 100% organic plant material and each product undergoes thorough testing in cGMP certified labs before getting finalized.

Extraction Methods for Kraken Kratom Extracts:

There are three different methods to make Kraken kratom extracts –

  1. Steep Kratom in Water – this is the easiest method of making kratom tea and is a good way to access all alkaloids in kratom.
  2. Water-Based Extraction – in this method the kratom leaves are dissolved in a mixture of ethanol and water. This is more concentrated than tea.
  3. Resin – A most concentrated form of Kratom extract. Water is added to the kratom powder and then lemon juice or lime juice to make the mixture acidic. The mixture is then strained and half of it is evaporated. It is then baked to get a thick resin.

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Where to Buy Kraken Kratom and its Pricing and Shipping Policy?

Kraken Kratom should only be bought from its official website and vendors on third-party sites might not sell the original product and make sell adulterated Kratom.Kraken offers free shipping to all states in the USA except a couple, so check their shipping restrictions before ordering. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.Cost varies for different Kraken kratom products depending on the form of kratom you want to buy. Although all their products are moderately priced and can be cheaper if bought in bulk.

#3. Golden Monk – Best for Bulk Buy

After coming back home, from a long day at work or after spending hours at the gym, you need something that can help you relax and sleep well. This is where Golden Monk Kratom shines!

Golden Monk delivers the best-quality kratom at affordable prices to help you live a better life.

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Golden Monk Reviews: Brand Overview

As a part of the American Kratom Association, Golden Monk makes sure that all its products pass all the set standards and undergo thorough lab testing.

Based in Las Vegas, Golden Monk offers same-day free shipping and offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Since it was established in 2016 in Canada, Golden Monk has come a long way in becoming a popular and trusted Kratom seller online.

Pros of Golden Monk:

  • One of the most popular and trusted Kratom brand
  • Can be very cheap if products are bought in bulk
  • The packaging is private and professional
  • Offers a wide range of products to choose from
  • Free priority shipping
  • 100% refund guarantee
  • Good customer service
  • All products are lab tested and cGMP certified

Cons of Golden Monk:

  • Only sells powder and capsules
  • Can only be bought online
  • Some of the products might have stronger effects

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Golden Monk for the Best discount

Golden Monk Products:

Golden Monk offers Kratom powder and capsules in different varieties and strains.

Strains available in capsules form are –

  • Green, Red and White Maeng Da – Maeng Da strain comes from Indonesia and feels like a culmination of all the strains together. Its unique alkaloid ingredient makes it an ideal choice for people who are looking to try something different.
  • Super Green Malay – this is one of the most popular “daytime kratom” strains sold by Golden Monk.
  • Red and White Bali – These strains combine the best aspects of Sumatra and Borneo. It is one of the most popular red vein strains of Kratom.
  • Red and Green Borneo – These strains come from the world’s third-largest island and are considered to have stronger effects than Bali kratom. It may help you feel more relaxed and calm.
  • Red Indo – This strain starts acting slowly but the effects last much longer than any other strain. It has milder effects and is therefore preferred by beginners who just started using kratom for the first time.

Each Golden Monk capsule contains 0.5g of kratom powder and has a gelatin cover.

Why Choose Golden Monk?

Golden Monk is one of the most trusted and reputed kratom vendors. It has a large satisfied customer base owing to its high quality and affordable products.

Golden Monk has a vast variety of products to choose from which might not be available at any other vendors. It provides private packaging and professional packaging that follows regulations that apply for packaging and labelling.

It offers a vast selection of green vein kratom strains and also an impressive number of red vein kratom strains.

Golden Monk boasts of the purity of its products and all its products pass the standards and tests before being sold.

⇒ Buy from the Official Website of Golden Monk

Where can you Buy Golden Monk and its pricing and shipping policy?

Golden Monk can only be purchased from its official website if you wish to buy the original product without any tampering.

  • 250 gms of any Golden Monk Powder can be bought at a low price of $39.99.
  • 500 gms of Golden Monk Powder is available at $69.99.
  • 1 kg of Golden Monk Powder can be bought at $89.99.
  • For bulk orders of Kratom capsules, the price range is $44.99 – $254.99.

In Conclusion: Should You Buy Kratom?

Kratom has been used by people for its therapeutic benefits in south-east Asia since at least the 19th century now. It is considered good for managing pain, diarrhoea, depression, stress, anxiety and many more ailments.

Kratom can help uplift your mood and help you feel more energized and revived. It can help you feel more motivated, strong and confident. If you feel that all these qualities of kratom can benefit you in some way, then you can buy this natural herb from any of the above mentioned trusted Kratom vendors. Just make sure to do your research and take the advice of your doctor before buying kratom.

Even if you don’t feel satisfied with the results, you can always get a refund and get your money back. Kratom can make you feel good naturally and improve your overall well being!


Q. Is kratom Safe to Buy?

Sourced from Mitragyna Speciosa tree, indigenous to Southeast Asia, kratom is a natural opioid. It can help improve your mood, get rid of fatigue, manage pain and help with anxiety and depression. Kratom can be safe and can have numerous health benefits if consumed properly.

Q. Are there any Side-effects of Using Kratom?

Although considered all-natural, kratom may still have a few side effects if taken in higher doses or mixed with other medications.

These sides- effects include nausea, appetite loss, constipation, diarrhoea, numbness in the tongue, irritation and vomiting.

Q. Who Should Buy Kratom and Who Shouldn’t?

Kratom can be bought if you –

  • Often feel tired and lack energy and stamina.
  • Are suffering from chronic pain
  • Are suffering from depression or anxiety
  • Are simply lacking motivation in life
  • Are often moody and irritated
  • Someone who does a lot of manual labour
  • Are fighting marijuana addiction

Kratom shouldn’t be consumed if you are pregnant or a lactating mother. Also, only adults of 18years or above can legally buy and use kratom.

If you are currently on any other medications or suffering from any disease contact your physician before buying and consuming kratom.

Q. How to Find the Best Kratom Vendors?

With so many options to choose from, it might get a little confusing to choose the right vendor for you. Before going for a vendor online, make sure that the kratom product is undergoing proper lab tests, to ensure quality and purity.

Also, read customer reviews of that particular brand before choosing it. Read the label of the product carefully and check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or if the vendor is using an ingredient which it shouldn’t.

Also makes sure to do thorough research about the vendor and the strain you are thinking of buying before buying it.