Best jobs for people who love celebrities

We’ve all have a celebrity crush, someone we’ve always fancied meeting and have wanted to get closer to.

If you’re not a producer, photographer, publicist, or fashion designer, it may be difficult to get close to a celebrity.

However, there are other cool jobs you can look into if you want to meet celebrities on a personal level. If you feel like you absolutely have to meet Keanu Reeves or shake Beyonce’s hand, then we’ve got a few job ideas that could possibly make that happen.

Is it Worth it?

Getting a celebrity-adjacent job is not a walk in the park. Some spend years practicing guitar or toning their voices and never actually get to it. Others try to enter the celebrity world from the back door by becoming managers or PR personnel, but the market is oversaturated with these professions.

Nevertheless, working for a star is an appealing possibility for lots of people. The perks are awesome; six-figure salaries, international travel as well as the chance to go to award shows and access exclusive venues. Ready to get closer to the red carpet? Here are a few jobs to consider if you want to get access to celebrities.

A Member of The Staff

These jobs aren’t easy to get; however, if you use a reputable household staff agency in your job search, you may find your way into the A-List world.

Personal Assistant

Becoming a personal assistant can you give insider access to a celebrity’s life. They don’t pick up their own laundry or remember their grandparents’ anniversary. They often don’t have time to research what to pack, remember who they planned to have coffee with, or even to break up with their partners.

Some even went as far as saying being a celebrity’s personal assistant is like being a paid best friend. You’d answer phones, walk dogs, write down appointments but also go to the coolest events and get access to the most exclusive venues.

House Manager

Cleaning kitchens and scrubbing bathrooms isn’t fun. When you are a celebrity’s house manager, you travel with them and sort of help them keep their life together. From running shopping errands to managing household expenses, you get an insider-look into their lives and experience their troubles and tribulations first hand.

The job requires a lot of stamina, as we imagine these people to be very short on time and somewhat impatient, but a little bit of resourcefulness should get the work done.


It’s true; the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Getting a job as a chef in an A-lister’s kitchen will make you one of their favorite people. You will be in charge of their banquets, their events, and their personal nutrition.

If you love cooking or are a certified chef, this is an easy and surely a fun way to get your foot into literallytheir house door. Everyone loves to eat, and the food industry is one that will never die. If you love cooking, are good at it, and are looking for a job that’ll get you close to the celebrities you love, this is the one.

Massage or Spa Expert

With a massage or spa expert certification, and a quick job search with an upscale company, you can get very up-close and personal with your celebrity faves. You could get a call one Saturday night from Lindsay Lohan to do her make-up or a booking to take care of Shakira’s hair.

Even better, you could get a call from Hugh Jackman to give him a deep tissue massage. We don’t think it gets any more personal than this.

People also tend to talk a lot with their make-up artists or hairdressers. Taking on this job won’t just give you physical contact, but also a much deeper understanding of their personal lives.


Who does damage control when celebrities lose it? It’s their publicist. Being a publicist means you’re the glue that keeps a celebrity’s life together. You coordinate interviews, write press releases, save their image when they make a faux-pas, and communicate on their behalf. You sometimes even go as far as telling them to get it together.

PR Daily says being a celebrity’s PR manager includes taking red-eye flights, never getting drunk, or being a guest at parties, as well as always doing damage control. It’s a very hectic job but really pays off if you do it well.

Make it Happen!

Why wait? Roll up your sleeves, get the certifications you need to get and start searching for a household job, a personal assistant job, or get a spa expert. If you are dead set on working with A-listers, then it may be time to pivot your career goals. Who knows? You may even be able to get closer to your celebrity crush.