Best innovations that are widely used in 2019 

business technology

Technology has brought lots of unimaginable things that have simplified and bettered things in many ways.

From the automotive industry, medical industry, education industry to travel industry, lots have been improved by technology. As the impact of technology cannot be captured in one, let us take time and see the top innovations that have made headlines globally.

Today you can monitor your house on your mobile phone, locate your friends from your mobile phone by use of apps like gpswox application and you can order a tax ride on your phone. The world has truly turned into a village.

Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever searched for something on the internet and find some suggestions popping out? For example, you search about dresses and you find suggestions like shoes, watches and earrings. This means the site has learnt your area of needs and it is trying to help you find other accessory or alternative products. That is artificial intelligence. AI has been used in many platforms with the aim of assisting people. Auto fills in websites, automatic response suggestions in chat rooms and emails among many other applications.

Machine Learning

This is a subset of Artificial intelligence but it is considered on its own because of how beneficial it is. You have heard of self-parking cars, automatic drive cars, and phones that can detect voice commands only from the owner. Those are examples of machine learning. Nowadays cars cannot be stolen because they have a system that detects if a key is not from the manufacturer of the car. Machine learning has simplified the work of many people because you no longer do the obvious tasks. For example, recruiters can now relax because machines and software can analyze resumes and identify the appropriate candidates that match the advertised role.


Crypto currency became the order of the day after Bitcoin rose in value to the extent that people thought the world of finance was being revolutionized. Nowadays people can trade and pay with cryptocurrencies. You pay online, no bank records, no receipts so it is fully electronic. It is technology that though it has been endorsed by a few people, it is still very practical and of great benefit to people. Blockchain will take long before it is accepted by the whole population because not all people have access to the internet. It is there growing slowly as people get used to it.

GPS and Tracking

With the use gps tracking software, you can be sure to find the location of your things any time. As long as they are connected, it is normally easy for you to track them. No one can steal a car or any commodity that is connected because signals can be sent to wherever place and make the object located easily. GPS systems are incorporated in phones and other devices so anyone can be able to access such services at any time. As long as you can see others, you can also be seen.


Lots of have been brought to place by technology and a lot more is still coming. The use of VAR in football, virtual reality in gaming are just a tip of the iceberg. Application of these innovations differ so you may even realize you have them in your house and you don’t know. Virtual reality and 3D movies have improved the entertainment aspect of these components and many people are very satisfied with the graphical effects. Technology real revolutionizing the world and lots more is yet to come because every year more and more features are being deployed to the market.