Best courses in arts, fashion, and design in London

Art Studies

The legendary German poet, novelist, and playwright Bertolt Brecht once said: “Art requires knowledge.”

Perhaps, this is why millions of high school kids and attendees of tertiary institutions around the world are trying to develop their talent in art schools and universities of Europe. The continent is replete with remarkable higher educational establishments providing art programs for every interested learner. Nevertheless, the United Kingdom and its capital are considered home for a decent number of prestigious colleges and universities that train students in art and design.

In the UK, creative education does not fit into the framework of the usual educational process. It represents the same activity that you love, only with the study of academic subjects, the accumulation of new skills and abilities, visiting museums and galleries, participating in exhibitions and competitions, analyzing current trends and making acquaintances.

And like any other specialization, art major obliges students to complete a vast number of projects and assignments. Some of these tasks are written works that must be composed thoroughly and submitted within the specified deadline – just like with any other major. However, due to the art program’s intensity and richness, plenty of learners are unable to cope with so many assignments. Thus, they resort to the competent assistance of the online writing organization, It helps them enjoy their personal projects and installations much more, and, consequently, get better grades.

The Best Art and Design Programs in London

Let’s look at the top 5 courses offered by the tertiary institutions of London, which are suitable for avid art-lovers seeking to build a career in the related industry.

Fashion Communications at the Central Saint Martins

This art program will allow you to appreciate the features of the British fashion industry. You will analyze the structure of the fashion business, getting acquainted with the various opportunities and advantages that can be used by a professional in this field. During this course, you will learn the basic concepts of fashion communications, how to work, and how to promote yourself in the fashion industry. For the final project, you will need to come up with a lookbook for a fashion brand or a magazine.

Culture, Curation, and Communication at the London College of Fashion

This art course provided by the London College of Fashion is based on learners’ immersion in the sphere of art history and communication. Classes are held in the form of informal seminars, individual consultations with the tutor, and preparation of group project tasks. The program will be of interest to students with different levels of training who want to master art history, curation, art criticism, and communication in art. Besides the lectures and seminars, the course is accompanied by practical classes involving visiting current exhibitions of contemporary art, modern artists’ workshops, and preparing for the implementation of an exhibition project in a group.

Modern Art Theory through Practice at the Central Saint Martins

The next art program will open for you a completely new experimental approach to the study of art and the development of your own ideas. Attendees can try themselves in entirely different aspects – as an artist, sculptor, or photographer. All classes are based on practice in the studio, working on personal projects, presentations, and participation in lively student discussions. Students will get familiar with the concept of the present-day London art through visits to a realm of national galleries (the famous Tate group of British art galleries included), museums, fashionable places, and cultural attractions of the capital.

Modern and Traditional Practice of Photography at the London College of Communication

The London College of Communication presents this program as an intensive practical course in photography aimed at creating a conceptual project. It includes masterclasses, seminars, and individual classes on a whole host of modern photography aspects, such as developing color and black-and-white photos in a dark room, flash photography, digital large-format printing, and retouching on graphic tablets. Approaches to choosing themes for photography will also be studied. The attendees will visit London galleries and then discuss the exhibitions. At the end of the program, each of the learners will present their own final project in one of the LCC galleries. Participation in the course requires basic photography and camera skills.

Exploring Illustration at the Camberwell College of Arts

And last but not least, the art program offered by the Camberwell College of Arts. It focuses on creating images using illustration and content development. This course is aimed at a high level of creative play and reflection to develop students’ ideas and help them better understand research topics. The results can be images, picture books, a series of images, and three-dimensional objects. Many tasks will be assigned to every learner. Such assignments will include elements of drawing, experimental image creation, role-playing games and movements, research of non-traditional descriptive forms, and Lo-Fi 3D creation.