Best Business Events to Boost Brand Awareness

To get people to remember your brand, you need their contact with it to make an impression that leaves lasting memories.

Traditional forms of advertising remain an essential tried and tested part of the toolkit for getting your business known. However,if you want to cut through the information overload of our constantly connected world, something with more impact is needed.

Create an Experience

One thing the human memory is guaranteed to record more indelibly than any transient sensory input is an experience. Our minds record these meticulously. It’s how we learn our most essential life skills. If you provide someone with an experience, they will always associate your brand with the enduring memory that you create for them with, say, an event.

Quite apart from being an exciting and team motivating project in itself, creating an event is, more importantly, a powerful way to propagate a lasting awareness of your brand. In a way that it won’t be readily forgotten or displaced by that of a competitor.

Time For a Talk

Your brand’s event doesn’t have to be a huge, complex, or technically challenging extravaganza. Especially if it’s your first, or you’re just testing the water and experimenting to see what works for you.

A very simple format, such as a talk or lecture on a hot topic in your industry, can still create that deeply engrained memory that you’re looking for. Especially when spreading the word business to business. Comparatively low cost and low equipment requirements make this a low-risk venture with potentially high returns for brand exposure. This kind of event has been drawing sizeable audiences in recent years, despite their often minimalist format.

Choose a Theme

If you want to take it up a notch and offer a more immersive experience, a themed event is a great way to give your potential customers a fun time they won’t forget. Their light-hearted nature makes events like these ideal for the entertainment or hospitality industries.

Some great examples of well-thought-through themed events can be seen at Annies Burger Shack. If you’re thinking of running a series of events, a dedicated page on your site like this one ties your real-world impact to your online presence seamlessly.

Sponsor a Shindig

Perhaps committing the resources required to organise an event yourself is a less than convenient proposition right now. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the publicity power of a branded event.

Music festivals, classical concerts, sports events, and other large gatherings celebrate the almost infinite range of human activity. The organisers have already brought with them the skills and experience needed to make them happen, but they often need capital. That’s where your business comes in, and in return, their event and their audience’s enjoyment of it can become synonymous with your brand.

Keep It Online

Perhaps you’d prefer to avoid physical logistics and venue hire altogether. That’s not a problem, particularly if your brand is a tech provider or purely online service. Your event can take place in your familiar habitat via an online seminar. There is a whole range of platforms available to facilitate your online event. If you are a tech company, you may well have been using them within your organisation already. In which case, it’s just a matter of formulating your event and inviting more people in.

Promotional events inhabit a landscape where the imagination can be given free rein. With them, it’s possible to innovate, create and propagate awareness of your brand to your heart’s content. Give them an experience they’ll always remember, and you’ll have a brand they won’t forget.