Benefits of hiring a dedicated software development team

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Visual crafts provides a team of dedicated experts who work for your business for a very long time.

Visual craft helps you to build a strong and robust team for your various projects and it also assists you to expand the team you have already hired for your projects. We have years of experience of building a quality team to solve complex and daunting problems of the industry. We have clients worldwide ranging from innovative startups to large organizations with tight and strict project deadlines. We just want one thing and that is our dedicated software development team accommodates your project goals and objectives in the most efficient and effective way.

How it works

We use a widely outreach sourcing technique which is way more effective than any other technique and we have found positive results of this technique. We outsource those companies and organizations who have technical expertise and they want to expand their team. Our team also works for a stand alone department, so you do not need to worry at all.

So, let’s discuss a little about the client side and our side, so you may have a closer look at what we do on a regular basis and what options our clients have when they talk with us.

Client side

  • First of all , you really understand product design and bring those requirements to a technical level where you can translate it for our better understanding.
  • Secondly , you have easily implemented product implementation strategy including the roadmaps and some significant prototypes.
  • You know that a project team adds technical specialists to the team or you may have the technical experts to highlight the resources required to complete the project on time.
  • Extra expertise is required to your team to build an effective outsourced team without doing the hassle of hiring, managing and initializing the tasks at once.
  • Your project has a deadline and all you need is a team full of creative and hardworking minds to start delivering as fast as possible.

Our side

  • We are responsible for finding a qualified team to fulfill the demands of your projects.
  • Our focus is to maintain the internal coordination of the teams and to look inside the internal processes.
  • We do both the things, we hire a team of experts and then we give them training and conduct workshops for better pace of the projects.
  • For the assurance of sustainability, we usually develop technical solutions to help increase business value.

Benefits of the dedicated software development team model:

Focus on the essentials:

The very first thing is to focus on the important things. We assemble a team of expert software developers, engineers and this allows you to focus on other things as well.

Flexible solutions:

To fit the project phase, you know that project requirements may vary at different times, so we provide the possibility of adjusting the team.

Speed to market:

You know that it takes a lot of time to hire and build a great team of experts and it needs full interviews and assessments and also lots of conversations need to be done. The good thing is that we have already done it and we wont need to start the process of hiring from scratch.

Full coverage:

Visual Craft has a wide range of employees from full stack to business analyst to scrum master or QA. Depending on the demands of the project, we can build a team that is most efficient.

We give full coverage from hiring a business analyst to analyzing the work of QA. We just focus on the demands of the project.

Reduce expenses:

We take great care of hardwares, software, space, tax and the team, however we wont compromise on the quality of high level training.