Benefits of having a dedicated server

Server cabinet

Have you ever considered why experts mention a dedicated server when talking about dedicated hosting and how it benefits the business?

Like most beginner site owners, you must have opted for shared hosting plans. After all, they are affordable.­

Your site may grow in the future, making it hard to oversee the traffic and improve the page load speed. An upgrade to something substantial is necessary to manage things with ease.

Besides the improved security features and potentially high page loading speed, a dedicated server can help anticipate growth and immediate traffic proficiently.

This guide highlights the benefits of having a dedicated hosting server. If the term is new to you, here is a sneak peek at how it works;

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated hosting server refers to a web hosting plan where you serve your website with a private server instead of a shared one. Dedicated hosting servers offer flexibility, immense power, and website growth but are premium.

You can set up a workload-optimal IT atmosphere with complete control over the hosting setup with dedicated servers. These single-tenant servers offer a significant advance over shared hosting in every way, with particular gains in speed, dependability, flexibility, and privacy.

Simply put, a dedicated hosting server is a physical server. Users usually rent the device from service providers. Choosing a dedicated hosting service means you have your “own private” physical server instead of the virtual that is shared with hundreds of users.

Benefits of Having a Dedicated Server

A dedicated hosting server benefits the business in multiple ways. Your IT operation and business will experience positive impacts regardless of your deployment plan. Here are the topmost benefits you earn with a dedicated hosting server;

Superior High Security:

The prompt reason for its ever-increasing popularity is the superior security it offers. Your website holds confidential data, including credit card numbers, emails, customer information, etc.

You are in charge of data protection with a dedicated hosting server. It means you can customize the features as per specific websites’ requirements. With a dedicated hosting server, you can;

  • Limit admin access.
  • Use malware and anti-virus programs you want.
  • Protect sensitive data with encryption at the test.
  • Force website users to create strong passwords and update their credentials.
  • Set up fine-tuning existing or new firewalls.

Fast Load Speed:

Website load speed is a highly considered factor for performance and SEO ranking. The increasing traffic often slows down website speed, which increases bounce back rate and low engagement metrics.

According to surveys, 48% of customers left products in their carts due to slow loading webpages. Around 40% of the visitors left the website as it takes more than 3 seconds to load fully.

Page 1 of Google’s web pages currently loads in 1.19 seconds, while page 2 loads in 1.29 seconds. Dedicated hosting plans are the best approach for a complex website to reduce bounce-back rates and speed up loading. Dedicated hosting gives you the bandwidth you need to improve load speed.

Unique IP Address:

An IP address is the Internet Protocol to communicate with the internet over a network. A shared hosting plan shares the same IP address with each user. In short, the server clouds multiple clients on the same IP address.

Suppose one of the shared server users has an adult site, performs black hat SEO, or starts spamming; the Google search engine spiders will chasten the IP. As a result, your website will de-rank.

With dedicated hosting, users get a unique IP address. It means you don’t have to worry about what your neighbor tenant is doing since you are responsible for the health and performance of your server’s IP address.

Dedicated hosting is essential for eCommerce sites or dedicated email servers having SSL certifications for credit card processing. A private IP address means your team won’t have to update data whenever the lease expires or the address rotates.

Server Customization:

You can fully control the dedicated hosting server whether you buy or rent. You can download hardware and customize the specifications you will need for your dedicated hosting server.

The customization doesn’t end at the development stage only. As your website grows and your needs evolve, you can customize your hosting plan by adding or removing components.

The freedom to customize brings new opportunities and meets unexpected market changes. By customizing the software, you can;

  • You can back up data measures and install ideal security.
  • You can install any app, tool, or OS you need.
  • You can set up the resources control system the way you want.
  • You can inspect the way users engage with your website.


If you can’t buy the plan, you have a renting option. Shared and cloud servers may be cheaper, but colocation dedicated hosting servers are cost-effective and allow you to get most of your investment.

You can avoid costly equipment and upfront expenses with the collocation of dedicated hosting servers to raise overall website ROI. Dedicated hosting servers offer much more than just the number of users and resources.

Where to Get The Best Dedicated Hosting Server?

Finding the best-dedicated server service provider is undoubtedly a nerve-racking task. The numerous available options can overwhelm a user. However, we have found the best service provider for you.

Kimsufi offers the best plans for dedicated hosting. The affordable pricing of the hosting plans is the cherry on top. Kimsufi services are available in multiple locations.

The services include an IPv4 address, OVHcloud anti-DDoS protection, 99.90% service level agreement (SLA), and unlimited public bandwidth to help you get the most out of the plan.

The low-pricing packages let you start with the level you want and then scale up as your business grows.


We hope this detailed article has highlighted the importance of a dedicated hosting server. Instead of thinking about the cost, think about the benefits. An upgrade is necessary with growth. Shared hosting plans can harm your website growth. For the best pricing plans and flexible features, opt for Kimsufi dedicated hosting plans.