Bed frames buying guide

unmade bed

Nothing defines us like the beds we sleep in. However, finding the perfect bed frame can be a very long, tiring process, so, here’s our quick guide to the very best types of British beds.

Portable Beds

Also known as a travel bed, the portable bed can be very useful every now and again when an unexpected situation arises.

It’s a good idea to look for a cheap but robust, foldable bed for occasional use. Your budget should be £100 and under.

Budget Beds

We British are obsessed with bargains, that is, getting a product for next to nothing of similar quality to one which cost our neighbour/colleague/sibling hundreds of pounds more. And letting them know about it, of course.

Useful if you’re a student or just want a bed that’s going to be fine for a couple of years while you write that bestselling novel and/or wait for Brexit to happen.

In our experience a bed can be really good andas cheap as chips. Your budget should be in the region of £150.

Storage Beds

Renter or homeowner, we could all do with a bit more space to put stuff. Getting a good ottoman storage bed can totally transform a bedroom from a cluttered mess into an oasis of calm.

Look for a bed that you can hide stuff from view in – but is also a bit classy too. Go for practical and refined with a budget of up to £400.

Sofa Beds

A sofa bed is perfect for a spare room that needs to double as an office by day. Or if you’re in a studio flat and need to sit on a sofa by day and sleep on a bed at night.

A good quality sofa bed can be hard to find though. Most tend to be so lightweight that they’ll only last a year or two of constant use.

Look for a sofa bed that’s practical, easy to move around but also one that’s robust enough to last longer than a couple of years. Your budget should be up to £350.

Four Poster Beds

One of the great pastimes of the English upper-middle-classes is dallying around stately homes on a Sunday trying not to think of work while working up an appetite for a roast dinner.

And it’s not really a stately home if it doesn’t have a number of four poster beds.

Look for a high-end bed that shouts old—and new—money. You’ll know you’ve found it if it’s just under £1000.

Luxury Beds

If money is no object, you’ll want to find something a bit more ostentatious perhaps.

For example, starting at £46,025 the Savoir No 1 comes with a cashmere topper in which you can ‘choose to add Mongolian yak hair, to further elevate its sumptuous feel’ and a mattress that contains ‘hand-teased horse tail’.

Of course it does.