Bali’s tropical wonder

“When Brandon asked me where I wanted to go for our honeymoon, I was a bit nervous bringing up Bali,” Laura admitted. “It would be a big trip, and a bit expensive, but it had always been a dream of mine. As it turns out, that’s where he wanted to go to!”

The coincidence seemed too perfect to pass up, so the couple began planning a honeymoon vacation to Bali.

“If we were going to go to Bali for our honeymoon, I figured that we might as well go in style,” said Brandon. “I decided to look for photography vacation packages as a surprise for Laura. Localgrapher seemed to be the best way to go, because that way we would have a local doing the photo shoot who would know more about Bali than we did.”

First stop was the beaches. With Bali being a world-famous beach resort destination, Brandon and Laura made sure that they got accommodation at a resort right next to the water. Their first day was spent relaxing in the sun and snorkeling in the beautiful turquoise waters of Bali.

They made sure to visit Pura Tanah Lot, one of the most famous temples on the island. The sacred place for the Balinese people was located on the beach right next to the ocean, creating a stunning picture. Brandon and Laura stayed to watch the sun set behind the temple, which was a spectacular sight.

Brandon and Laura enjoyed the sunset so much that they requested that the photographer could do the photo shoot in the evening, using the sunset over the beach. Everything was arranged, and the photographer had a few suggestions about the best places to have picturesque scenery without the crowds of tourists. The weather was perfect, with a few clouds along the horizon to catch the glowing colors of the sun as it set.

After the photo shoot, the photographer in Bali recommended that Brandon and Laura visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, a popular tourist attraction on the island, and a must-see place for animal lovers. Brandon and Laura liked the idea and were happy to have the chance to see some of the natural wildlife of the island. It turned into a fun and memorable day walking through the jungle areas and seeing the troops of monkeys playing and living in their natural habitat. Brandon and Laura got some pictures of their own with the banyan trees and ancient temples that they came across when exploring the various walking paths that lead through the sanctuary.

The jungle scenery, the stunning beaches, and the exotic wildlife captivated both Brandon and Laura. They were happy to have gotten the suggestion from the photographer so they could experience a special piece of Bali in person.

“Everything about Bali amazed me,” said Laura. “I mean, I’d always dreamed of going, but actually being there was more than a dream. I feel really lucky that we were able to find the local photographer, because I know I’ll keep those pictures for the rest our lives.”

“It was more than a dream for both of us,” Brandon added. “I don’t think we could have picked a better place for a honeymoon or a better photographer if we tried. It was my first time visiting the tropics, and I have a feeling we’ll be going back, maybe for an anniversary next time.”