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Ayana Komodo resort, described as heaven on earth, has been known for its wonderful packages.

The Ayana resort is a beautiful place to be. It captivates the mind and holds everyone who sets eyes on it, in awe. Alongside its beautiful environs, it provides exciting packages that will make your stay worthwhile.

Floating Cooking School

A cooking school sometimes should come along with some thrills and activities that are beyond the routine. Hence a cooking school that happens on a boat is something everyone will love to be part of. AYANAKomodo resort provides this service for its esteemed clients.

You can fulfill all your desires to learn in an extraordinary way about the archipelago’s exotic recipes. And with the excellent team of the creative chef from Ayana, you could experience a dream come true with the elegantly and adequately furnished kitchen and dining of Ayana’s free cooking school.

Ayana’s philosophy remains that food should be an explosion of flavor in your mouth hence there need to be a fantastic taste that should be enjoyed and talked about. The ability to have food is a luxury hence time should be put into appreciating and enjoying every detail of the meal. Fill your belly with the food that satisfies your desires and learns how to replicate such a meal in your convenient time when you travel back. Learn and share your experience with friends and families.

Diving and Dive Safari

The presence of exclusive boat diving sets the Komodo National Park apart; the world renowned experience always stands at the apex of customer’s excitement. Visitors from around the world dive in the Komodo’s azure waters and get the opportunity to see tropical fishes and drift amongst beautiful coral reefs.

A coral reef is an ecosystem underwater that is known by the building of corals. They occupy just a small part of the ocean system. This form of life is beautiful and exciting to view underwater.

First-time visitors are given the opportunity to have a tour guide that will help them explore this form of marine life. This support team is ready to provide a fun and exciting environment for them always.


The Ayana resort is located in one of the world’s known marine sanctuaries. Hence it has one of the best locations for Snorkeling. Snorkeling can be beneficial to the body as it helps to improve breathing and improve the maximum circulation of oxygen uptake. It is a perfect indicator of aerobic fitness. It helps to improve endurance, strength, reduces stress and burns loads of calories.

At AYANA Komodo resort, there are a million shades of blue which are a safe site for exploring the colorful and vibrant tropical reefs which accommodate varies marine life.

Komodo Dragon Tour at Rinca Island

The Komodo dragons are reputed for being the most significant land reptile in the world. The island houses the Flores who has the unique habitat for the survival of these Komodo dragons. Expert tours guide helps the visitors from the hotel; they providethe right opportunity to have photos if the Komodo dragons in their natural habitats.

The tour is provided for access to Rinca Island by the AYANA Komodo resort team. The journey to Rinca Island is about an hour; an hour filled with exciting experiences and sights to behold.

AYANA Komodo resort supports Airport transfers, unlimited soft drinks, and local bear alongside beautiful meals. At the resort, there are always activities, with about 30 relaxing massaging services.

However the packages do not cover camera and video, personal expenses and consumption of every other consumable not listed in the restaurant chart.

One other fantastic feature associated with the AYANA Komodo resort is that its staffs are professionals in their field, and they all speak the English language.

Ayana Resort only remains a dream until it is visited.