Are we running out of air?

Pressure Gauge

Air is all around us, we breathe it and it is free.  We take air for granted and thankfully do not rely on canned air as in the movie The Lorax to really enjoy life.

However, the air is something we cannot take for granted and not just from an ecological point of view. Air is a valuable and vital commodity that plays an important role that extends beyond just breathing and living. The question is, are we running out of air?

Compressed air

Running out of the air can quite literally happen when it comes to the use of compressed air. A Compressed Air Assessment can become something any business that relies on the use of compressed air can find of value. The use of air in the production line of any business is important to manage and control. Getting the pressure right can make or break a production line. The slightest leak in the system can see a factory run out of the air and despite the air being free of charge the costs of a just a small leak can be astronomical.

Taking air for granted

Few people truly understand the importance of air, especially compressed air in the world around us. Sure, scuba divers really understand the importance of air, if their tanks are empty it means they have run of air and must reach the surface pretty quickly. But in industry compressed air is extremely important and there are so many things that rely on it that taking it for granted as we do when we breathe is just not possible.

The equipment that surrounds the piping and pumping if compressed air is costly the industry that just supplies compressed air equipment is massive. What might seem like nothing but fresh air to some is the difference between success and failure for some businesses?

Running out of the air

It is hard to imagine what running out of the air would be like but if industry ran out of the air, just for an hour, things could get bumpy. Running out of the air in a factory could see a production line grind to a halt and this can have a knock on effects that begin to cost money. If industry ran out of the air some products would simply not exist. Coke and Pepsi would be flat sweet drinks with no fizz, some bakeries would produce flatter than normal bread and packets of crisps would be deflated bags of less than fresh fries. Air is vital and there is no denying it.

The case for compressed air

Compressed air and the supply of this free item is important for the world today. Production lines and conveyor systems the world over are reliant on compressed air and therefore we should never really take the air we breathe for granted. If we run out of the air, we as the human race will die, if industry runs out of compressed air the cost to the world economy could be vast. Next time you sip on a fizzy drink or simply pump up your tires be thankful that the world has not run out of compressed air.