Are VoIP Phone Services Right for Your Business?

Are VoIP Phone Services Right for Your Business?

Data reveals the market size of the VoIP phone service alone is over $17 billion, with 31% of businesses actively using it.

But why is VoIP phone service on the boom? Also, are VoIP phone services right for your business? That we’ll find out in this guide.

For instance, this guide will explore what VoIP phone systems are, what sets them apart from traditional landlines, and how a VoIP phone service can benefit your business. Let’s dive in.

What is a VoIP Phone System? How Does it Work?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s a telecommunication protocol used to make calls over the Internet. The phone services based on this protocol are termed VoIP phone systems.

Generally speaking, they use fiber optic cables to enable communications over the Internet. So, when getting a VoIP phone service for your business, be ready to install a fiber optic connection across your office. Also, remember using VoIP technology for communications requires high-speed Internet for a smooth calling experience.

Unlike traditional copper landlines, fiber optic cables offer fast transfer speeds and large bandwidths. So, you can transfer lots of data over it without any glitches. Further, switching to VoIP phone service will also fulfill your internet needs as it’ll be needed for your phone service anyway.

Further, VoIP phone systems work by turning your voice into digital signals and sending it to the caller’s device over the Internet. The caller’s device (such as a smartphone) turns it back into an analog signal so the user can listen to it.

Benefits of VoIP Phone Services for Businesses

Below we’ll explore the top business-centric advantages of VoIP phone services:

Remote Connectivity

Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP phone services don’t take away your locational freedom. When using a VoIP phone system, you and your team can work from anywhere in the world, as long as the Internet is available.

This allows you to run a remote team and reduce office expenditures like rent, electricity bills, maintenance costs, etc. Plus, you can hire talent from anywhere in the world to match your business needs, like budget.

You can also hire agents from a different time zone, so your staff doesn’t have to stay up at night to manage the round-the-clock support service.

Further, VoIP phone systems enable you to hire support agents on a freelance basis, so you don’t have to pay an extra amount for their health insurance. Many platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and People Per Hour let you find support providers hourly.

Lower Costs

VoIP phone systems can significantly reduce your call center’s operational costs and make it more profitable.

First and foremost, their installation costs are generally less than that of traditional landlines. Since most businesses have internet connections already, you may not even have to pay anything in terms of setup charges – the VoIP phone program is all you’ll need.

Secondly, VoIP phone systems no longer require you to call your support agents to your office for work. Since they can work remotely, you can reduce your office rent and associated costs like electricity bills.

Further, the calling features like call recording and call forwarding included with VoIP phone systems help streamline your call center operations. As a result, your employee productivity is improved, and a smaller workforce can handle more callers daily, leading to lower operational costs.

Improved Scalability

There are only so many employees that can work at your office. You’ll eventually need a bigger office to accommodate all your agents. As your call center grows and requires multiple departments, you may even need a whole office building.

But with a VoIP phone system, you can opt for a remote or hybrid work environment. As a result, you can scale your call center much faster without worrying about the physical space needed to accommodate more employees.

Easy to Use

VoIP phone systems are generally very user-friendly. Unlike traditional landlines that are hard to use, you can use your VoIP landline through an app with an intuitive user interface. Whether it’s about making calls, managing call queues, or replying to texts, you and your team can do so from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Are VoIP Phone Systems Right for Your Business?

VoIP phone systems provide a lot of flexibility to businesses, making them preferable over traditional landlines. They let you and your team run your data center operations from anywhere in the world where the Internet is available.

Besides letting you create a remote work environment, they also pack advanced calling features to automate your call center operations. For instance, call routing automatically routes incoming calls to the right staff, ensuring all customer calls are answered timely.

With that said, VoIP phone systems are effective for most businesses. If you’re seeking a more flexible alternative to your traditional landline, VoIP phone service is your best bet!