Are the Glazers Wrong? Football Clubs Need to Become Self-Sustainable

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The Manchester United fans and the owners of the club aren’t in the best relationship for quite a while now.

Since the retirement of the great Sir Alex Ferguson, the Red Devils have been struggling to get back to the glorious days when they dominated the Premier League, as well as the Champions League.

Nowadays even the bookmakers are giving them very little odds of winning and following their recent performances, they are not to blame.

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Why Are the Glazers Being Blamed?

When Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge of Manchester United, the club was mainly developing its own players and signing youngsters, but not spending too much on star players. There were certain big money transfers, but nothing compared to the transfers made nowadays.

The club was making little investments and gaining massive profits, but no one was blaming the Glazers at the time, as the club was winning many trophies.

Things have drastically changed for Manchester United after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013. So far there have been 6 different managers in just 9 years and the club has spent around €1.5 billion on new players.

In that time, Manchester United has managed to win one UEFA Europa League, one EFL Cup, one FA Cup, and one FA Community Shield trophy, which is very disappointing following the enormous spending in the transfer market.

But even still after all of the failures on the pitch on the big spending in the transfer market, Manchester United remains one of the most profitable clubs in the world.

The Red Devils are operating just like a profit-maximizing business and that is what angers the fans. In the past 10 years, the Glazers were able to withdraw around €800 million from the club.

All of this money could have been invested in improving the training facilities and for player recruitment, as well as for funding for a reduction in ticket prices.

The Glazers are operating with Manchester United in a way which allows them to extract large amounts of profits year after year. This way of operating a big club such as Manchester United is opposite to how a successful team in Europe should operate.

This club is also resting on a weak foundation that features a broken wage structure and no director of football. There are 31 players in the squad, which is a big number as some of the players won’t get enough playing time during the season.

All of these issues will remain in the club and won’t be solved as long as the club is only exploited for profit. Although the club has had some minor success this season, it is not because of the financial model.

Manchester United is a football club that is run for the shareholders, not for the loyal fans or the community, and that is truly shameful.

Self-Sustainability in Football

In this day and age in football, it is very rare for a football club to follow a self-sustainable model when running the club. Most of the clubs that follow this model are rarely winning any trophies as they have a hard time reaching higher competitiveness.

Arsenal was following the self-sustainable model for many years and as a result, was struggling to win a major trophy. But, the self-sustainable model in football is not to blame, as modern football is all based on caring only about profit.

It is very hard for a club to follow a self-sustainable strategy in the long run, as it is very hard to constantly develop younger talents.

And if a club manages to create a powerful squad from their own academy, it would be impossible to keep them at the club for a longer period of time.

Again, the self-sustainable way of running a football club is a great idea, but it isn’t meant for this modern football. But, there is no denying that with it the fans would learn to appreciate football even more, as it would all be about the game and the fans, and not about the owner’s profits.