Apple Watches for Kids: What Are the Advantages?

apple watch

It’s not uncommon to find kids wearing smartwatches, and as smartwatches become more capable and convenient, this is expected to become more common.

And the Apple Watch is now one of the most robust smartwatch solutions available in the market, making it an attractive option for parents looking to get a wearable device for their kids.

But is giving a child an Apple watch a wise decision, or is it just the result of overindulgent parents? Let’s take a look at what a smartwatch can do for parents and their children, and why investing the extra money needed to get your child an Apple Watch — instead of the Android alternatives — may be a good decision.

1 – Keep track of your kids

The Apple Watch isn’t the first device to let you keep track of your kids throughout the day, but it is one of the devices that do it better. Using the Family Setup function, an apple watch can be paired to a parent’s iPhone, which allows said parents to track the watch throughout the day.

Parents can also ask to be notified of the child’s location at key times throughout the day, and ask to be notified if the child leaves a specially designated area. This means you can get a ping if your child leaves their school before the end of the day school day, or if they go too far away in a public park.

The system is set up so the watch can do this while paired to the parent’s iPhone. So even if the kid doesn’t have an iPhone or forgot to charge it, the function will still work. The watch also knows when it’s taken off or not being worn, which provides an extra layer of security.

2 – Privacy settings

If you are going to have a device constantly monitor your child and report that data to you via the internet, it’s key to make sure that data is private. And Apple is the market leader when it comes to privacy on its smart devices.

3 – Parental control

Family Setup also offers a fair bit of parental control options. You can control when your kids apple watch can be used, how often, what apps can be accessed, who they can text or call, and more. This makes it easier for you to leave small kids with the watch without fear of it being too distracting.

4 – Fall detection

The wide array of sensors available on the Apple Watch not only allow you to monitor your kid’s heart rate and how many steps they take a day, but it can also be used to notify you if your child falls down. Apple’s fall detection system can send you a notification if your child falls down, and the watch can also be used to make calls to emergency services, should it be necessary.

5 – Health features

The Apple Watch also comes with a variety of health features, including heart monitoring, step tracking, and reminders that can tell your kid when it’s time to stretch or exercise.

Is it worth it?

Of course, the core question when looking at an Apple Watch for a child isn’t whether the Apple device is good, but whether its features are enough to justify picking it over a more affordable alternative. And if you own an iPhone, the answer is probably yes. Other smartwatches may offer more features or better prices, but it’s hard to beat the Apple ecosystem when it comes to reliability.

All the safety you get out of giving your child a smartwatch is wasted if the watch loses connection to the phone several times a day. And this is a problem that just doesn’t happen to the Apple Watch. And while a new watch can be expensive, used Apple watches are often sold at affordable prices.