Apple iOS – is it worth or not?

It appears that summer is the month of Apple! Is it because it holds the name of a fruit? Possibly!

Apple shows off some brand-new updates every season and this time, they proposed some truly impressive ones at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Here are some of the features to expect in the upcoming devices with iOS.

Dark Mode

Bright white default options on iOS is now mainstream. Apple users will get to enjoy a dark mode. At the moment, Macs and Mojave are already offering Dark Mode, not to mention that the release of Android 10 gave the feature for its users as well. Now with iOS 13, you will be able to enjoy dimming the lights. Right now, twitter app offers the dark mode… feel free to check it out!

Faster Face ID

It might be time to reduce the make-ups! That’s because Face ID is going to get trendy. If you log into your iPhone using Face ID following the updates, the process will be 30 percent faster! The feature will be made available on the new releases. Of course, those who are proud owners of iPhone X are already enjoying the sophisticated and quick way of unlocking phones!

Song Share

Yes, that’s a real thing! Gone are the days when there was a single pair of wired headphones, one earbud in each person’s ear! Apple is now coming up with the Song Share Feature on its iOS devices. Those using AirPods can be now easily share their favourite songs with those connected. And the iOS 13 will allow the sharing of audio from mobiles as well!

Full Stop To Robo-Calls!

Robo and telemarketing calls are a living plague! Like let’s be real. You might be seated for dinner and someone would just call to market their latest products. But with the latest update on iOS, this ends here! A feature called silence unknown callers will reject calls from numbers that never featured amongst your contacts or calls!

Messages With Your Photo And Name

Don’t confuse it with contacts with pictures! When you’re messaging someone for the first time, you will have a choice to let the person have access to a profile picture and your name. Plus, there’s a related option for AirPods. In case you got a message and you cannot reply it, you can activate Siri. Dictate and she’ll send it for you!

Sign In Easier

When you sign up for a new service or app, you might go for remember passwords so that you don’t have to log it in each time. With the new release, things are made easier. You no longer need to enter emails and the option will anonymised email addresses so that you remain safe all the time when browsing new sites. If you want to register at a site, then you can do so. The option will offer an automatic fill form option.

Lets take for example, Give Back Bingo, a great online bingo site. To play at the site, you need to register. But registration is quick and easy. The site is compatible on iOS devices, including smartphones and iPads.

The quick registration is made super easy with the autofill option. Once you’re done with that, you can play at Give Back Bingo online and engage in some rounds of bingo, over 500 slots or casino games.

Surely, with these updates and additional features coming on the next releases, it is truly worth it to make iOS your favourite operating systems.