An Interview with Mohamed Magdy Soliman, Egypt’s Rising League of Legends Star Player

League of Legends

It is rare to find a League of Legends player recognized by the government, turning him into a certified athlete for his country and giving him access to participate in global tournaments.

You need to work hard for years to achieve this position. From an innate talent and mind-boggling skills to quick reaction times and hours of practice, you need to be at the top of your game to dominate your opponents. And Mohamed Magdy Soliman is one of those players that can change the game on its head purely with his raw talent. He is an integral part of Anubis Gaming, which won the Intel Arabian Cup in 2020. It is an honor to have him with us here today.

Q: Thank you, Mr. Soliman, for making time for this interview. Can you tell us a little about Anubis Gaming and its members?

A: It’s always a pleasure to talk to you. Mr. Joe co-founded Anubis Gaming back in 2016. I was one of the first members of the team then. Now, I’m not just a League of Legends player but also a streamer and content creator of Anubis. Our team consists of four more players: Khaled El Noshokaty or Fev3r, Maged Mohammad or Maged, Ahmed Jalala or Dakrai, and Islam Ali or Dattura. This roster was combined and completed only last year, in 2020.

Q: As you said, you are one of the players and the content creator and streamer of your team. How did you become a national team player?

A: I never imagined I would get the opportunity to represent my country and become a member of the Egyptian National eSports team. It is a dream that everyone wants to fulfill but can’t because of the immense number of challenges that come your way. Fortunately, my hard work for Anubis Gaming paid off. The Egyptian government made me a certified athlete for LoL tournaments and selected me as one of the Egyptian National eSports team players. It was a dream-come-true moment for me, honestly.

Q: How did you win The Arab League?

A: I think perseverance is crucial in League of Legends. You cannot, for one moment, let your guards down. My strategy was always to keep a backup plan ready whenever I started a game poorly. I say this to my team all the time. Winning the tournament is about your skills, reflexes, and how quickly you can adapt to a situation. I think these three factors clicked at the same time for me while participating in The Arab League. The Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports also honored me for winning this regional championship. That was again a big feather in my cap as a player.

Q: What message do you have for gamers who want to improve in League of Legends?

A: Almost everyone is streaming LoL gaming videos. You should oversee these videos to get an idea of how your possible opponents can play. Develop your strategies based on those videos. It’s like a game of chess. If someone makes a move, you have to respond immediately with a smarter move.

Thank you so much, Mr. Soliman, for speaking to us today. We wish you and Anubis Gaming all the best in future tournaments.