All about Eurodita – The Best in Wooden Manufacturing


Eurodita is a Lithuanian cabin manufacturer that was established in 1994. They provide their customers with customized log cabins and wooden houses that are built to their specifications in terms of design, size, and number.

They provide modern architecture, classic glue-laminated wooden houses, and wooden mobile homes, all at cheap costs and with no faults.

The people at Eurodita think that the client’s experience with them should be personalized. They’re happy to call themselves a “bespoke maker of options,” allowing their customers to purchase exactly what they want, in their preferred form, size, and volume, all of which are private-labeled.

What sets Eurodita apart is the variety of options available to you to assist create your business-to-business experience with them unlike any other.


  • Headquarters- European Union (EU)
  • Year of Founding- 1994
  • Founders- Rolanas Kutra
  • Status- Active
  • Other Name- Eurodita Log Cabins
  • Legal Name- UAB Eurodita
  • Type of Company- Profit based
  • Contact-


Manufacturer With A Difference

Eurodita assists retailers and wholesalers by streamlining all aspects of the supply chain, including procurement, purchasing, and product delivery.

They develop a mutually advantageous connection with you, their client, in order to provide high-quality wooden constructions to consumers all over the world.

A Leading Firm Of Europe And Expanding Around The World

They have no parallel in Europe, with over 50 branch offices. China, Japan, Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand are all part of the 2021 vision, as are you and your company.

Manufacturer with a Wide Range of Options

They have a promise to uphold, which is to provide your company with an ever-expanding assortment of private label items. They now manufacture log cabins, made-to-measure log cabins, customized log homes, Glulam log cabins/houses, garden buildings, camping pods, and barbecue huts, Carports made of timber, basic cabins, laminated log dwellings, luxury sauna barrels, etc. And at Eurodita, quantity isn’t as important as quality. As a result, their goods are manufactured from high-quality Nordic wood, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Full Value to their Clients

Eurodita values its clients highly. That is why they provide the Exclusive Partner Program, which allows their clients to be Eurodita’s only partner in their region, ensuring that their client’s private labels have no competition. Consumers expect a lot from you in a world when there are so many options. Give them the options they deserve with Eurodita and be the receiver of world-class wooden manufacturing services.

Contact them to get your free custom designs or a price for the products you’re interested in. Because it’s worthwhile to be renowned in your area for having outstanding and impeccable quality wood of your choice.

Eurodita has made a position for itself in the log cabin market as a producer and supplier of log cabins, gard en buildings, and a range of other log buildings since its inception in 1993. The firm creates glulam structures out of the best FSC-certified Nordic wood. To avoid human mistakes, all of their production procedures are computerized. The firm also provides unique dealer programs, through which firms may get items for private labeling, with the agreement of Eurodita being the exclusive and confidential supplier.

Eurodita, as a B2B expert in the sector, believes in cultivating long-term commercial connections with the most competitive, remote, and developing populations.