Aesthetics training provides business opportunities for medical professionals


If you are a doctor, nurse, dentist or healthcare professional, a growing field of medical training could be a fast-track to a lucrative new business opportunity or even an exciting new career in Medical Aesthetics.

What are Medical Aesthetics?

Medical Aesthetics are cutting edge beauty treatments that employ the latest technological and scientific advances in cosmetic enhancements. They are medically-based procedures designed purely to enhance physical appearance, for example, to reduce the signs of ageing, or to correct undesirable features and imperfections.

The umbrella term of Medical Aesthetics includes both surgical or non-surgical procedures. However, the current trend is a booming demand for non-surgical aesthetic treatments, such as dermal fillers, laser peels and Botox® injections – the more typical procedures covered in Medical Aesthetics training courses.

The opportunity for medical professionals

Up until recently, the Medical Aesthetics market was notorious for being poorly regulated. Thankfully, this situation is now being addressed and the industry is experiencing a shake-up of regulations across the entire sector.

The UK government commissioned a thorough investigation into the industry and the resulting Keogh Report, published in 2013, signalled the start of a new era of more stringent controls and higher standards. The report marked a shift towards better protection and safety for both clients and practitioners.

This call for higher standards is good news for any medical or healthcare professionals who are looking to enter this field. As regulations are improving and clients are becoming more discerning about their providers, those with healthcare training and proven medical backgrounds have a distinct competitive advantage.

What training is required?

Alongside the massive growth in demand for treatments like Botox® and dermal fillers, there has been an increase in aesthetics training providers. These companies help practitioners master the skills required in administering aesthetic treatments safely and competently, as well as ensuring the necessary emergency provision, aftercare and documentation.

While there are a growing number of these training companies to choose from, not all of them are exclusively for medical professionals. So, if you want to ensure the highest medical standards in your aesthetics training, with courses designed specifically for doctors, dentists and nurses etc…, ensure you seek out providers who specialise in this level of training.

Another aspect to consider when choosing your course provider is whether they use live patients during the training and operate with small groups that allow for adequate hands-on practice, interaction and feedback. The best companies will also include an element of business guidance, to help you become established in offering these lucrative new services effectively.

Who is Medical Aesthetics training for?

  • Private Practice: If you already have a private medical practice, training in Medical Aesthetics could provide a profitable income stream to add to your existing offerings.
  • New Career: Doctors, dentists and nurses looking for a complete career change are well-placed to take advantage of the booming aesthetics market and use their medical background to give them a head-start in the industry.
  • Side Business: For medical professionals who are keen to keep their existing day-jobs, becoming qualified in providing these in-demand non-surgical aesthetic treatment can be an effective way to set up a lucrative side business.

The current era of higher standards and the prospect of tighter regulations in the aesthetics industry provides a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to leverage their medical backgrounds and training.

So, whether you’re looking to establish a new income stream, a profitable sideline service, or to pivot your career in an exciting new direction, training in Medical Aesthetics could be the ideal next step for you.

Sourcing high-calibre training providers who specialise in the best medically-based provision could help you create the perfect foundation on which to build an enjoyable, rewarding and lucrative career or business in the aesthetics treatments industry.