Advantages & disadvantages of mobile internet

Modern society has seen technology come to play an important part in the way we interact with others and go about doing day-to-day tasks. But, has smartphone technology now developed so much that people can run a business using nothing but their mobile phone?

Nowadays, cellular phones allow users to access the internet on the move. The mobile phones support internet via exclusive technology, such as WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) and Wi-Fi (Wireless Local Area Network).

With mobile internet, you can stay up-to-date. You will always get access to the latest information and data. If you are searching for reliable mobile data, you can compare different plans with iSelect. Mobile internet has some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Mobile Data

Over 450 million people are using mobile internet. See the benefits of using mobile data.

Stay Updated

With mobile internet, you can always stay updated. The information may range from visiting new sites, reading breaking news, and business information. You will get travel updates, weather forecasts, and share prices. With updated information, you can take the correct decision.

Locate Yourself

Mobile internet helps you to find new information in different areas. For instances, you can find the nearest bar, restaurant, and clubs. You may get recommendations and find locations on a map. Several phones have GPS (global positioning system) that uses satellites to locate the users of a phone. Moreover, it provides information based on your location.

You can get personalized alerts with mobile internet. If you are lost on the road, your mobile internet will help you to find your home.

Use Social Networks

Nowadays, several people are using social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can contact with your friends via WhatsApp and social sites. It will be easy for you to update your status or check the updates of your status. With the touch of a button, you can organize your social circle.

Mobile internet may help you to deal with money matters. You can pay utility bills, renew your internet subscriptions, and get new deals. It is an easy way to manage your online banking.

4G Mobile Networks

Cellular networks allow you to use the latest mobile networks, such as 3G, 4G, and upcoming 5G. With 4G networks, you can get better coverage than Wi-Fi and hotspots. These networks offer complete security, safety, and privacy. These networks are affordable because different pricing schemes are available. Several mobile carriers provide with special packages to their customers at a reasonable price.

Disadvantages of Mobile Internet

Along with several advantages, you can’t ignore some disadvantages associated with mobile internet and 4G network.

Privacy Issues

Privacy issues are common with internet connections. Numerous people access the internet through their mobile devices, so search engines frequently archive search history of users. Some companies may get this information for their personal benefits.

Cons of 4G Networks

Connectivity of 4G networks is limited to specific regions and carriers. You must have compatible hardware to use this network. These networks are available at cheaper rates for specific equipment. You have to buy this equipment to get advantage of the 4G network.

With the use of 4G networks, users may experience poor battery life of their mobile devices. It means you have to invest in extra batteries to stay online for a longer duration.