Accommodation for your next business trip – What are your best options?

The restaurant at Javad Marandi’s new budged-chic hotel chain

When travelling for leisure purposes, it’s oftentimes really easy to pick a hotel and stay there for a few weeks – after all, you’re going there for fun, right?

However, when travelling for business, your accommodation becomes not only your home away from home but also your office.

Finding a good place to stay during a business trip can be difficult – so, read on to find out what your options are for your next trip!


Hotels provide the standard for security (important during a business trip), but potentially also comfort and luxury – if you are willing to spend the money, that is. However, they host every type of traveller – including tourists. And tourists really only need a place to sleep after a long day out exploring. Thus, you may find that the rooms are too small and that you may not be able to live and work in the same space. On the other hand, some hotels do provide specific accommodation for business trips – make sure you check all the information before booking! Furthermore, if something does go wrong, hotels tend to solve problems quite quickly – a good safety net to have on a trip far from home.

Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments can offer all the facilities of a rented apartment – kitchen, living space, privacy, etc. – with the safety-net and quality assurance of a hotel. Serviced apartments – including ones in the heart of the city like these: A quality serviced apartment can provide a homely feel after a hard day’s worth of networking and working.

Not only does this increase your mood, allowing you to be more productive, but many serviced apartments end up striking the perfect balance between cost and comfort. Moreover, the inclusion of a kitchen allows you to save on food costs and really allows you to feel like you’re in a home away from home. They are ideal for travelling solo, but you will find many offerings that can easily accommodate larger groups of people – ideal if you’re travelling with colleagues.


Hostels are certainly not the first type of accommodation you think of when choosing where to stay for your next business trip. However, if you want to undertake a trip on a budget – for whatever reason – then you should consider staying at a hostel. Hostels are ideal if you are travelling in a group, as they tend to have shared facilities such as bathrooms or kitchens, allowing you to really save some serious cash. However, there is certainly a lack of privacy – a huge problem if you are dealing with sensitive information, for example, a client’s data – and there is always the problem of security. Hostels also tend to have fewer staff, which can lead to you having to solve some issues on your own.

However, if you really need to save some money then hostels are ideal for that purpose, and many are more than acceptable for short-term business trips.

Overall, there are plenty of options to choose from, from inexpensive hostels to comfortable serviced apartments and expensive hotels, there are various options suited for every type of business trip.