Absolute Software Adds Trellix Endpoint Security to Application Resilience Ecosystem

Absolute Software, a leading provider of self-healing, intelligent security solutions, has announced a partnership with Trellix, enabling Absolute Resilience customers to ensure Trellix’s endpoint production solution remains healthy and working in the face of cyber threats.

Anchored by its unique Persistence technology residing embedded in more than 600 million endpoints, Absolute Software provides an undeletable digital tether to every device to help ensure the highest levels of resiliency. Absolute Application Resilience leverages this unbreakable, two-way connection to monitor mission-critical security applications’ health and behaviour; detect if missing, corrupted, or not running; and automatically repair or reinstall components when necessary – without requiring human intervention.

“Our unique intelligence shows that today’s complex and widely distributed device environments have put endpoint agents at constant risk of colliding with other applications, or being disabled by malicious or negligent users,” said Edward Choi, SVP of Global Alliances at Absolute Software. “By joining our Application Resilience ecosystem, Trellix is taking the critical steps needed to enable our joint customers to harden their mission-critical endpoint application and strengthen their overall endpoint security posture.”

“We are proud to collaborate with leading software vendors to improve security outcomes for our customers,” said Britt Norwood, Senior Vice President, Global Channels & Commercial at Trellix. “Organisations across the globe rely on Trellix every day to protect, and adapt to, their changing business needs in a dynamic threat landscape. We’re thrilled to see Absolute Software support Trellix ENS in its Application Resilience ecosystem and extend this value to our joint customers.”

Trellix Endpoint Security is part of an integrated suite of technologies that uses analytics and machine learning to provide effective protection—including the flexibility to connect to security products from other vendors. Trellix endpoint solutions enable organisations to apply proactive threat intelligence and defences across the entire attack lifecycle.

Absolute’s expansive Application Resilience catalogue is comprised of more than 60 security and business applications needed to enable a secure, reliable, and resilient work from anywhere experience. To learn more and see other supported software vendors, visit here.