A Guide To Boosting Your Reputation As An Employer

Employers can be bombarded with many stereotypes. Often characterised as being overbearing and domineering, it’s common for them to be roundly disliked by their subordinates.

Obviously, brewing resentment in a workplace will only create a toxic work culture and hamper productivity. While it’s tempting to chase results at any cost, everything is easier when people respect one another. Colleagues will come to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, communication will be optimised, and the firm’s prospects can soar subsequently.

All of this can depend on what people think of you as an employer. Therefore, here are some suggestions to help you enhance your reputation within your own company.

Create and Maintain Trust

Trust is hard to build and yet easy to lose.

Some employers have extraordinarily little faith in their workers, even to a degree where it ruffles feathers. For instance, workplace surveillance can damage trust exponentially, with some employers monitoring remote staff with software that takes screenshots of their screens every minute. While these measures may boost productivity, it’d be unrealistic to expect every employee to approve these methods.

Breathing down your worker’s necks is no way to earn respect. An ideal workaround to these problems would be to base your worker’s productivity on the quantity and quality of the work they produce. You should also trust your own judgement that you employed the right people for their respective roles. Otherwise, you risk appearing as an indecisive and paranoid employer.

Put Worker’s Needs First

Employees will work harder for a boss that cares about them both professionally and personally.

There are many ways to communicate your affinity for your workers. For instance, you could implement an open-door policy in your office. You could also invest in your HR department so that they can provide more outstanding care for employees, or provide tailored training courses that address crucial worker issues. Be accessible as an employer and adopt a sensitivity for worker’s needs.

You could also look at the types of outplacement services available with Randstad RiseSmart. These services can help you transition your talent in, within, and out of your organisation at faster rates than the national average. Schemes such as these can help you attract exciting talent into your workforce and foster thoughtful working relationships with your existing, and exiting, employees.

Admit to Mistakes

Employers hold a great deal of responsibility, so much so that their employees can seemingly forget their boss is a human being like everybody else.

Therefore, it may be helpful to admit to making mistakes at strategic moments. After all, some businesses operate under a delusion of perfection. Under that philosophy, no lessons are ever learned, and arrogance supersedes results. However, if you can open yourself up to critique, feedback, and self-reflection, you’ll appear as a much more relatable leader. Sacrifice your ego, and your company will thrive.

In some cases, admitting to errors can be a mark of decency also. Late last year, UK firms voluntarily returned more than £215m to the government for furlough scheme payments that weren’t required. Follow that example. People assume that the corporate world is without ethics and morals, but you’re in a prime position to disprove the theory as an employer. Operate with integrity, and respect will follow.