A Fresh-Thinking insight into Scott Dylan’s capital investment group


Scott Dylan’s capital investment agency Fresh Thinking Group nurtures healthy, distressed, and start-up businesses into thriving corporations.

Scott Dylan is a specialist private equity and distressed M&A investor who manages buyouts, acquires both viable and distressed companies, and grows them into flourishing firms. He is well-known across multiple UK markets for the business transformations that he has managed, including strategically leading a company through a growth and exit plan of £20 million within just three years.

Scott isn’t just known as a digital strategist and business transformer who revives growth though. He is also recognised as an effective employment mentor, having successfully upskilled and coached business teams across the UK. Scott’s emphasis on the importance of people-oriented culture makes him a motivational mentor for teams of all sizes, and his results prove it.

Following an impressive two decades directing web, creative, and digital applications across countless UK companies, Scott co-founded his sixth business-transformation agency Fresh Thinking Group (FTG) in 2018. Since then, FTG has not only acquired a number of companies but nourished them into prosperous firms that are now redefining their marketplaces.

Who Is Fresh Thinking Group?

Fresh Thinking Group is an independent capital investment organisation, co-founded by entrepreneurial investor Scott Dylan. FTG operates across Europe in multiple sectors, including but not limited to digital, e-commerce, technology, and logistics-based markets. The investment group offers invaluable support and guidance for three core types of business:

  1. Healthy companies looking to grow
  2. Distressed companies looking for help
  3. Start-ups looking for kick-start methods to help them thrive

The capital investment group has recently funded the acquisitions of UK’s biggest on-demand laundry service Laundrapp, renowned mobile-development app Cuhu, and national logistics company GLB Transport, amongst a multitude of other companies.

FTG has led the funding of numerous groups, including Orb Group, Inc & Co Group, and Inc & Co Property Group. Each group acquires and holds numerous subsidiaries. As a successful private equity disruptor, FTG has led countless companies through inclusive and collaborative capabilities. They now have offices in London, Manchester, and Leeds.

The FTG vision is to facilitate effective collaboration within sector-specific companies to improve business operations. With FTG’s support, organisations can form group collectives, allowing them to benefit from top-level business-development operations.

No two businesses are the same, which is why FTG analyses each company’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities before drawing up a bespoke plan to meet their individual business goals. FTG doesn’t dip in and out; they support businesses all the way through their growth journeys, offering everything from capital injections to industry-specific advice and research and development (R&D).

By planting tactical seeds in business strategies, FTG transforms struggling organisations and start-up companies into thriving firms with raised profiles, good-fit prospects, and innovative cultures. Companies who work with FTG grow their digital presences, boost conversions, and enjoy optimised returns on investment.

FTG adopts the agile methodology, a people-focused, results-driven framework that enables adaptive software-development planning. The methodology achieves quick delivery without sacrificing optimal client outcomes.

To learn more about how Fresh Thinking Group could rejuvenate your business, visit https://freshthinking.group.

Who Is Scott Dylan?

As a co-founder and key partner of Fresh Thinking Group, Scott oversees the strategic direction of the capital investment group’s vision. His plan to acquire companies and build up groups stems from his extensive experience enabling collaboration within businesses. Scott cultivates group collectives so that firms can reap the benefits of top-level business functions, including marketing, HR, finance and business development.

Scott’s insights span all the way from invaluable investment advice, business-development tips, and strategic support to a host of creative and marketing knowledge and technological skills.

Scott is now leading Fresh Thinking Group in their mission to bring their proposition to new sectors. Get in touch with Scott to discuss your business transformation needs by emailing hello@freshthinking.group