A 17 year old started a News company which could transform the way people consumes News – Newsopreneur


@Newsopreneur started by Harsh Vardhan Sharma (@the.real.harsh) is a News Page on Instagram which post news summary in form of info graphics and in the captions of each post, they write 100-200 word articles explaining “the lessons to be learned” from that news.

This was started by harsh for a case study in his book “100k followers in 100 days” but its unique way of summarizing news into visual pictures and instead of boring articles. he rather went on to come up with a solution of why not give the lessons to be learned from this news.

He likes to say it as, “why just watch news? Let’s learn from it.”

Harsh being writer himself started to write each of the captions himself and people especially youth started loving it so much that when instagram disabled the @newsopreneur page because of a controversial post.

Harsh said, “That more than 5000+ people sent him mails, whatsapp messages, DM’s on his personal account @the.real.harsh pages asking about @newsopreneur. There were so many messages like, “the only reason I use instagram now is @newsopreneur and I’m not using this platform anymore if it’s not on instagram” I have more than 17 pages which has over 100k followers. 5 pages over 1 million but I have never this kind of response before, if any one of my pages gets deleted no one will even notice. It was so motivating for me that I appealed at instagram and send screenshot of all the messages I was getting each day and instagram took 59 days to do investigation about our page and they made the page live again. It’s very rare that after the account is deleted it comes back. I was so confident that this account will never come back that page was live on 12th august 2020 and I got to know about that on 15th from a follower of our page who asked why am I not posting anymore.”

Harsh already owned a Digital Ad-agency named “LSTmedia.net” where he has more than 100 clients and made over $20 million in sales for clients. So he never took Newsopreneur seriously as a business but more as his personal hobby.

But after that incident in august he shifted his whole focus on making newsopreneur a real business rather than just a hobby.

Newsopreneur is now launching its own App, harsh said he’s targeting to get 1 million App downloads by the end of 2021.

He claims that by the end of 2021 @newsopreneur will have more than 2 million followers and he will be also starting newsopreneur Global targeting USA, we’re going to change the way world consumes News. He further added.