8 Must-Follow Gaming Sites in 2021

So many games to play, but so little time. As soon as you get the hang of one game, there comes another that you have to learn about all over again. That is just how the gaming world works, you go from playing SEGA in your parent’s basement to playing Fortnite for hours on end.

Just within the last year, the popularity has risen so rapidly that the gaming industry is now worth around 160 Billion Dollars. Not to mention all the hours spent playing the games. Do you know what that means? It means gamers are constantly waiting for the next big thing to hit the market. If you want to stay in trend and be the first to know when it does, we’d recommend saving this list.

1. ign.com

Since 1996, or better known as the year of ‘Super Mario64’, ‘Duke Nukem 3D’, and ‘Resident Evil’, Imagine Games Network has devoted their time to report on video games and entertainment. IGN is one of the most dominant players in the gaming news industry due to its long history and reputation.

IGN is a well-established gaming site that is worth the visit. A large portion of IGN’s audience turns to them not only for their exclusive gaming news category but also for their reviews. While the majority of reviews are focused on gaming they also cover, movies, TV, Comics, and tech. Making sure there is something for everyone. Have a look at breaking gaming news today.

2. gameinformer.com

Don’t wait too long to inform yourself of the latest news, as even one day can make all the difference. As their name reveals, Gamer Informer is a gaming site that is packed with the most up-to-minute gaming details. What was in 1991 one known as the world’s #1 game magazine, is now known as one of the world’s top gaming sites to follow. With a staggering 6 million subscribers worldwide, it’s no wonder why so many professional gamers and newbies turn to Game Informer for the latest scoop.

Their gaming news category alone keeps the crowd on their toes by releasing a new piece of information every hour. Not to mention the other categories that are consistently being updated, such as reviews, previews, videos, hubs, and more. Catch up on all the gaming news here.

3. gamesradar.com

Beep… Beep… BEEP! That is the sound of a radar signaling that you’ve come close to a site that you should visit even if you are remotely interested in gaming. GamesRadar chose their name wisely, as they are truly a radar for detecting the hottest trending stories and games in the gaming world.

GamesRadar is committed to making sure your gaming experience is better than you can even imagine. They do this by giving you helpful insights and details about the gaming industry and game-related products. Providing you with the best deals, guides, videos, and reviews that can help you make a final decision. See what they have in-store today. 

4. gamerheadlines.com

They say headlines are what catches the reader’s attention, this gaming news site proves that statement to be right. Quite a bit of attention is being caught from visitors worldwide by site number 4 on our list of must-follow gaming sites. Some of the most intriguing gaming headlines can be seen at Gamer Headlines. Better than the headlines themselves, are the details and information found in the articles.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on any release date or special partnership, would you? With a few clicks here and there you’ll get all the latest gaming intel you need so you can mark it in your calendar as soon as possible. On this platform, you can find recent and popular game news as well as reviews for widely known games. Check out their Gaming News category.

5. gamespot.com

Similar to how you feel when you beat a difficult level, this gaming news site will hit the spot. GameSpot can take you one step closer to the gaming world by delivering comprehensive gaming content. This includes the games that are yet to arrive, entertainment based on popular games, all the newest gaming world updates, videos, and more.

While they love to spark the discussion around gaming themselves they also allow their readers and viewers the opportunity to start their own conversations in the forums section. In case any questions are left unanswered in the news category you can head over to forums to find the answer you’re looking for. See what the topic of interest is today. 

 6. pcgamer.com

PC Gamer focuses all of their material on topics that are strongly associated with the gaming industry. If you want to stay informed about every square inch of the gaming industry PC Gamer is the site you should be heading too quickly. With every refresh of the page, you’ll have something new to see, whether it is about the game itself, game provider, or platform on which you play.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an enthusiastic gamer or still in the discovery phase of gaming you can use PC Gaming as a platform that will help build a strong foundation for your gaming history and future. They can provide helpful information, useful tips, and news that will take you to the next level. Click here to learn more about gaming with PC Gamer.

7. nichegamer.com

The niche market they are referring to is stated in their name itself, making it easy for gamers to find them and ignite discussion of the gaming environment. All of the topics they cover are closely tied with, as you may have guessed, gaming, but also the tech behind the gaming world we’ve come to know and love.

Niche gamer is a simple yet effective platform you can go to for getting game-related news, reviews, previews, and videos. Interestingly enough they also have a special category that is dedicated to Nicchiban, which deals with the anime community and news. If this is something that might interest you, check it out for yourself here.

8. theinvader.com

To conclude our list, we have an aspiring gaming news reporter, TheInvader. Don’t worry, the only thing they are invading is the gaming and virtual world, which is of course for your benefit. They cover a touch of everything in the gaming industry, every new happening, codes, game, review, as well as a technological side is covered by The Invader.

Get hold of new developments, games, and insights within a matter of minutes spent on the site. The site’s principal purpose is to provide gaming news, however, they still make the room for other topics of interest in the gaming world. Making them a great source of information for gamers across the globe. Check out their Gaming News category.