8 benefits of using a serviced office space

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Wondering what does a serviced working space entail? Well, a serviced office space is the answer to your prayers – especially if you are a business start-up owner who is already drowning in a sea of challenges.

These brilliant spaces come fully equipped with a strong, effective technological infrastructure along with sufficient furniture. They’re usually part of a building that is managed by an operator. These managers will rent out either individual offices or entire floors to companies that require ready to use work spaces. Going down the traditional office route is not financially feasible for every commercial venture.

A new pattern has sprung up in the form of serviced offices and is taking the international business realm by storm. Looking for one? There are a lot of serviced offices that you can invest in. For instance you can find some great serviced offices by Rombourne here. Thinking of setting up your next serviced working space? Best of luck! We know you got this!

Serviced offices have transparent monthly fees which will allow managers to adjust their office requirements on a need basis. A conventional office space will not only have a lease, or a commercial mortgage attached to it but will also come with maintenance expenses, facility costs, furniture set-up fees, machinery procurement costs and what not. A serviced office space can save you from all this hassle. Not only that, there are a number of other benefits you can derive from investing in serviced office spaces. Ready to take a look?

Ready facilities required for a functioning business

Be it a lunch area, desks, chairs, fully deployed reception areas, meeting rooms, networking areas, cleaning or maintenance, your company can pay as it goes. The good news is that there are no hidden fees, and everything is out in the open. You can choose which services to use and pay just for those.

Affordable costs

This advantage cannot be stressed enough and has already been explored earlier in this article. With a serviced office space, you only pay for what you use. The majority of such premises come fitted out with furniture and equipment, so there is no downtime in between of moving in and setting up.

Your overheads will remain within reasonable fiscal parameters. Sure, a home-based business may seem like an even cheaper option – but if you want to scale and grow, then you will need an office space at some point where your staff can come in and do their jobs. What better place than a serviced office to start off with?

Short-term and flexible rental contracts

You have the freedom to choose the type of lease contract you want. Whether you want a monthly, quarterly or a bi-annual leasing commercial contract, a serviced space will be able to cater to you. This is particularly brilliant if you are a start-up and need some agility in your work processes. Depending on your business plan and performance, you can increase or decrease your office space. For instance, if you hire five new employees, you will be able to expand your serviced office contract without paying a very high fee.

Professional image

Whilst working from home may help you cut those financial corners, what will you do when you have to meet a client or a business partner?

Within a serviced office space, you will have the resources already in place to accommodate such needs. There will be a charming reception area with a receptionist already there to greet and guide your guests to a pre-booked meeting room. Your inbound business calls will be answered by the same receptionist too.

You will not achieve this professional aesthetic if your mom or sibling answers the door. Hey, unless you have a separate entrance where you are able to answer the door. (Provided you’re not on a call or busy with other matters!).


Maintaining an office address in a prime business location will credibility to your brand name. However, if you invest in your own office space at the wrong time in your business lifetime cycle, it could seriously damage your overall company budget.

You can still obtain a prestigious office address in an excellent location by getting a serviced office space instead. These babies tend to be situated in sought after areas such as Mayfair or in Soho- right in the midst of London’s commercial heart. As there will be other businesses renting the same dedicated space, your lease will be shared, and the entire cost burden will not rest on your young shoulders.

Networking opportunities

Speaking of sharing space with other companies…

Think about it. It will the best opportunity for you to start building your network base and establish new connections. You never know whom you will meet! Maybe your next supplier with dirt cheap wholesale rates? Or you could be hooking in your next big fish! You could be bringing in your biggest client ever by asking someone the time in your serviced office space lobby.

Spark creativity

As you network and meet people, it is highly likely that discussions will entail about how to run a business, how to market on a cheap budget etc. We are super confident that you’ll be bouncing ideas off one another and getting positive feedback. Being in a start-up environment will keep motivation and energies running high. You can stimulate a culture of innovation, imagination and ownership where your employees strive to optimise all your business processes whilst trying to save money at the same time.

Top talent

When jobseekers and fresh graduates learn about business opportunities with you, they will take into account the location of your office before even sending in their working profiles. Being located centrally and in a prime location will strengthen your brand image and have top talent clamouring to work with you. Serviced offices are absolutely brilliant!

Serviced offices are ideal working spaces for those businesses that are just launching and figuring their place out in the commercial world. Even if you’ve been around for a while, a serviced office space can offer you a considerable number of benefits- as outlined above. Our favourite? Get out of those pesky, hefty legal fees that you’ll have to spend on leasing your own commercial office space. Hey, you could put that money to other good uses – such as reallocate it towards the expansion of your business!