7 Ways To Leverage Data Science And AI To Upgrade Your Marketing Efforts

Data science coupled with AI or machine learning has been a buzzword for quite some time now and it’s everywhere!

From the internet to our smartphones, everything is becoming more and more intelligent. It’s no longer confined to sci-fi Hollywood films.

But what does this ubiquitous AI have to do with your business? Well, it has a huge role to play in your marketing efforts as well.

AI has the potential to make marketing insights significantly more actionable, to help marketers build relationships with customers that are closer than ever before. The kinds of cross-channel insights that AI can help uncover are incredibly valuable to marketers, who need all the help they can get when it comes to turning their campaigns into real action.

From ML to AI , how are marketers leveraging the power of artificial intelligence for their business? How have they integrated data science and AI into their marketing campaigns to yield better results? We have the answers to these.

1- Leverage the power of contextual personalization

These days, marketers have to do a lot in order to achieve high performance. Businesses must optimize a vast range of performance indicators across multiple channels and devices.

To rise above the noise, you need to take context into account, whether it’s location or device-specific. This is where AI comes in handy.

For instance, the intelligent video assistant from online video editor, InVideo recommends different changes in animation styles and fonts that improves your video output.

Marketers need to take a step back and understand what their customers are trying to do. By leveraging AI, marketers can create content that is specifically tailored to each customer’s needs, creating the best possible experience.

2- Know your customer better by using data science

Decades ago, market researchers tried to build detailed profiles of typical customers in order to target them more effectively. This enabled businesses to send the right message, using the right channel to reach them at the right moment.

Today, companies have large data sets with them and they need the right data analyst having specialization in data science to uncover crucial data insights from the available data.

Data has the answer to every vital marketing question like what the customer needs, why the customer needs it? Having answers to such questions makes it easier for the marketers to understand the needs of the potential customers thereby helping them create exceptional marketing campaigns.

Moreover, it also enables the marketers to achieve even greater depth in your understanding of the customers – how they behave online and what makes them tick – so that they can deliver a more personalized experience.

3- Prepare yourself for the future of media and marketing attribution

The question that every marketer is asking themselves is – “how can we attribute our marketing efforts to sales?” With data from multiple channels at hand, it’s difficult to make sense of all the data and truly understand what got us from point A to point B.

AI comes in handy by creating a bridge between different marketing channels and by giving you insights into how your digital presence is influencing offline activity. In other words, AI will help marketers define attribution models that are more accurate than those that exist today.

It doesn’t matter if you are using an SEO agency to run your SEO campaign and a different PPC agency to help you with Adwords, you can still have a single dashboard to summarize the performance of both the companies.

In the future, AI will allow marketers to look at larger data sets and provide deeper insights faster, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

4- Improve Your Business Skills

One of the most important ways AI can help your marketing efforts is by teaching you how to improve as a person. It teaches you better business skills such as identifying loopholes, learning from mistakes and improving how you can execute your strategies in the future.

What’s even more exciting is that with the increased use of AI, you will be able to take things to an entirely new level and personalize your customers’ experience. It will enable businesses from every field to understand what their customers need better and fulfill them efficiently.

There has never been a better time to invest in AI and use it for your marketing needs.

5- Identify Trends and Patterns

Another way artificial intelligence can be used effectively in marketing is by identifying trends or patterns in data. This can be very useful in uncovering performance issues, for example; say an unusually high percentage of people are exiting your website after viewing a particular page. By examining this trend closely, you might find that your website’s design is the culprit.

A marketing campaign can also be run more efficiently if it takes into account past experience; AI will know exactly what has worked in the past and how to recreate those successful conditions, allowing your marketing team to focus on other tasks.

This type of insight should always be used as a guide, however; it’s important to know when your marketing strategy requires a fresh approach.

6- Automate Low-Level Tasks

You can also use AI to offload some of the more tedious or time-consuming tasks involved in SEO marketing. For example, you might create an automated email campaign that uses artificial intelligence to send customized emails based on customer names.

You could also use AI to carry out basic keyword research for your blogs, social media posts and more.

The best approach here would be to create a list of keywords that can be freely associated with your brand or industry – think related concepts, overarching themes and other relevant words.

Once you’ve created this keyword bank, letting an algorithm choose relevant phrases on your behalf is a very effective way to generate content.

7- Create AI-Powered Marketing Campaigns

Another great thing about using AI as part of your marketing team is that it can help you generate new ideas and come up with fresh strategies.

For example, you could develop an algorithm that scans the web for people sharing images related to your industry or your brand, and then encourages those people to share your posts as well.

In the future, you might even have automated marketing assistants working alongside you. AI will know how to pitch a product or service in different ways and can come up with new and exciting angles that will be more likely to catch people’s attention.

With the help of an intelligent marketing assistant, you’ll be able to do more with your time and focus on important tasks.

Final Thoughts

By using AI to boost your marketing efforts, you’ll be able to take advantage of the powerful technology that can analyze data and create effective strategies accordingly.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence in your business, you’ll free up time for your marketing team so they can focus on more critical tasks that will benefit your organization in the long term. The above 7 tips will come in handy, be sure to try them out.