7 Smart Lighting Tips to Transform Your Home

Did you know that smart lighting is energy-efficient.

It can save you between 20% to 80% on energy costs compared to traditional lighting? Additionally, smart lights last between three to 35 times longer than the traditional ones. The technology enables you to remotely control your lighting system, making it an excellent way to upgrade your home. Here are some smart lighting tips to transform your home.

1.   Do your research

Before installing smart lighting, it’s essential to know that setting up the lights at strategic points of your home can give it a cozier appeal. Different lights suit different parts of your house in various ways, so it’s important to research the lighting options available to you. Check out www.lfillumination.com/ to learn more.

Understanding what you intend to achieve with smart lighting technology will help you choose the right system. For example, are you installing smart lights to remotely control heating, cooling, lighting, and electrical appliances? Do you want greater energy efficiency? Are you looking to boost your home’s security?

2.   Use motion sensors

Smart lighting is an excellent way to protect your home against burglars and criminals. Installing smart lights and programming them to brightly illuminate your property whenever they sense movement will keep intruders at bay.

3.   Make use of a virtual assistant

The Google Home app takes the operation of the smart lighting system to a whole new level. The app notes all home lighting activities, such as dimming, and reminds you when it’s time to do so. You can create a routine where your virtual assistant controls your home’s lighting by turning the lights on and off when needed.

4.   Focus lighting on a unique piece of art

Smart lighting allows you to highlight artworks that are close to your heart. You can choose to dim or brighten the pieces of art, or set the smart light to change the color of the artwork at intervals. That gives a cozy look and appeal to your home.

5.   Match the smart light colors with your home’s theme

Smart lighting systems have in-built color schemes that you can choose from. You can select the color shades that match each room’s theme to add sophistication to your home’s transformation.

6.   Use accent lighting to illuminate your artwork

If you have any accent pieces in your home, using lighting to illuminate them is a great way to draw the attention of your guests. Gorgeous art enlivens everything in your home, and excellent lighting helps to enhance that effect.

7.   Set up bias lights

Looking at a bright screen in a dark room can quickly tire your eyes. Normally, our eyes adjust their brightness across their field of view, and a harsh contrast in brightness will leave them feeling strained. You can raise the ambient light in the room and reduce strain on your eyes by installing bias lighting behind your TV, giving your eyes a neutral reference point to focus on.


The smart lighting technology adds value to your home while giving it a luxurious feel and appeal. The tips above will help you use smart lights to your advantage and spruce up your home.