7 outdoor exercises for dogs

Dogs Exercise

Dogs and humans have come a long way together. Today, they are considered man’s best ally.

Several reasons have been stated, including scientific, for this mutual relationship that keeps getting better and better.

This article will not go the path of explaining how dogs and humans got here; rather it will focus on how you can best take care of these cute friends. Dogs differ greatly in their functionality to humans, often defined by their breeds. Some serve as pets or companions; some are trained to perform basic home chores including protection and some others are highly trained for military purposes.

Irrespective of their peculiarities, just as humans, dogs need exercise to be fit. At least 50% of dogs in the United States were found to be overweight according to a 2016 report. This has multiple health implications for these wonderful friends of humans.

Obesity in dogs could cause the following: increased susceptibility to injury, digestive disorders, diabetes, decreased quality of life, etc. You definitely don’t want your dog to develop any of these health issues. Besides the health implications, lack of exercise has significant implications for the behavior of dogs.

Usually, dogs – including or especially puppies and young dogs – are full of energy which often ends up becoming negative energy if they don’t get to burn it off. They get destructive and we are frustrated. As a matter of fact, you must consider dogs’ energy levels before getting yourself a dog. You should talk to dog experts about the energy level and exercise needs of your dog and think about a waist leash is a better choice than a lead.

Just like humans, dogs need physical activity and socialization for their health. With the increasing number of dog lovers around the globe, more and more resorts and hotels are even opening up their doors to tourists that would like to bring their furry friends along. In England, it’s not entirely a new idea to bring along pets to beach resorts or camps. You can read this post and take a look at dog-friendly destinations all over the country. You’ll be surprised how dogs respond to such trips. If you’re an explorer who likes to travel a lot, then you should consider letting your dog tag along on your next adventure.

Here are some outdoor exercises found to be good, effective, and easy are as follows:


This exercise is pretty simple yet highly rewarding. Many dog species love it requiring little or no motivation. Some others may need incentives or coercion. The great thing about this exercise is that it goes beyond just an exercise. In addition to the fitness your dog gets, fetch game increases the bond between you as well as getting your dog in the habit of returning to you.


If your work out includes daily or frequent jogging or biking, then your dog’s next exercise is pretty easy. You found yourself a running partner. The important thing here is to ensure your dog is in good condition for this exercise, especially biking. You may want to talk to a vet concerning this as some dogs have suffered heat stroke in the past. Don’t go too fast and don’t go too far. Waist leash is a better choice than a hand leash.


This low-impact exercise is particularly good for older dogs as it does not stress their joints. Many dogs do well with this exercise including the ones that are not natural swimmers. Normal chlorinated pool water is okay for your dog; just follow up with a normal water bath. Ensure you supervise the dog while swimming.

Dog park

This is a very good option for friendly and sociable dogs. They get to socialize and interact with other dogs, play around with each other and perhaps even find a suitable mate. It is equally a tricky one that requires careful selection of parks. In the right park, your dog will burn lots of energy and return home exhausted ready for a nice nap.


In case you don’t like long walks, dancing is a very good replacement. Lots of calories are used while dancing. You can simply jump around the house and see your dog dancing with you in moments. Not only does your dog get a good workout, you as well should be burning a few calories in the process.


This is usually loved by dog owners who are soccer fans. So, if you are one, it is time to get your dog a specialized and perfect-sized dog ball. Dogs love balls and learning, so maybe it’s time that your dog learn a new game?


This is similar to a fetch game, but takes it to an entirely different dimension. Your dog’s target will be in the air, making it more challenging for them to catch, and will usually involve a lot of jumping. Try it out next time you get to go outside and play. Your dog will surely thank you for it.

Your dog does not have to be an athlete or a military dog for you to pay attention to its health. Failure to properly exercise your dog usually results in a struggle for the dog and ultimately a trip to the vet which is usually expensive. While exercising your pet, don’t forget to start slow and easy. Before choosing exercises for your dog, see a vet and ascertain suitability.