7 Benefits of Passwordless Authentication

Password authentication has long been the basis of online security, but with the fast-changing IT landscape and risks from its usage, it is time for a change.

Passwordless authentication introduces a better way for providing access to your systems and eliminates the need for users to rely on the increasingly inefficient use of passwords or PINs. This article outlines seven benefits of passwordless authentication.

1.    Better user experiences

The frustrations and inconveniences of forgotten or misspelled passwords often result in poor user experiences. However, with passwordless authentication, this will no longer be a problem as your employees or customers will be using something they will always have, such as their fingerprint, voice, or face. This creates a seamless experience and eliminates the need for users to remember or constantly reset their forgotten passwords.

2.   Enhanced cybersecurity

Even with the increased emphasis on good password practices, most online users do not efficiently manage their passwords. From using weak passwords that can easily be hacked to sharing passwords online, too many people are at ease of falling victim to cyberattacks. By eliminating passwords and replacing them with a stronger authentication factor, you will instantly seal these vulnerabilities.

3.   Eliminate costly password management practices

Password management is never cheap or easy, and instead of spending a lot of time ensuring compliance to the recommendable standards, you can opt for better and simpler solutions. Passwordless authentication will eliminate the need for active password management processes and associated costs while creating time for more productive tasks.

4.   Simple and secure signup processes

Customer expectations have significantly evolved, and while it was considered normal to have a lengthy signup process a few years ago, this is not the case today. The demand for fast and frictionless signups has made passwordless authentication the solution due to its simplicity. This will lead to better conversion rates as customers will be guaranteed easy and secure access to their accounts.

5.   Improved work productivity

Employees often waste a lot of time resetting their passwords, and by introducing passwordless authentication, you will have a quicker way for identity authentication. This will lead to decreased downtime, promoting greater work productivitywhile making it more convenient for your employees to log into their accounts.

6.   Reduced need for IT support

Password tickets often consume much of your help desk time, given how frequently your customers have to reset their forgotten passwords. This is burdensome to your IT team, as they spend a lot of time handling problems that you can avoid by abolishing passwords.

7.   Future-ready

With business leaders worrying about ex-employees with corporate password knowledge, there is a need to set up systems that easily restrict unauthorized access. Adopting passwordless authentication is a step to securing your company’s future as it stamps out these risks. This will make it easier to protect the integrity of your systems and keep your corporate data safe.


The usability problems that passwords continue presenting have created a necessity for passwordless authentication that are smarter, faster, and safer.