6 ways you can save money buying groceries


Grocery shopping sounds simple but you may end up toppling your budget if you don’t do it right.

Having a plan in place is vital if you want to save even while you spend on daily needs.

Shopping for groceries is something that every homeowner needs to do because you require certain items practically every day. However, you may feel guilty for splurging at the end of most of your grocery buying trips. Believe it or not, this happens with everyone! Yet there are some smart ways you can save money while picking groceries. Let us share them with you.

Prepare your list

Start with a list every time you step out to replenish your grocery shelves. Make sure that your list has only the stuff you need. Having a budget in mind while you prepare the list is a good idea, whether you shop on a weekly or monthly basis. Don’t think of the list as just a piece of paper, stick to it if you want to save up.

Shop at value stores

Shopping from the right place is another useful tip for saving dollars on groceries. Value stores and supermarkets are ideal because they stock up hefty variety in products and also sell them from prices lower than premium stores. Check out the ones near your home so that you can save up on fuel and time too.

Stick to seasonal produce

While you buy fruits and vegetables, stick to the seasonal produce only. Obviously, fresh fruits and vegetables taste good and are healthy too. In addition to being great from the taste and health perspectives, they cost considerably lesser than exotic and non-seasonal items.

Look for online coupons

There are several sites that sell online coupons which you can use to economize shopping. You can get coupons for different stores and redeem them when you shop at these stores. For example, you can check the Lidl offers this week before going to shop at the nearest store. Just be sure to browse the right websites where you can find coupons of the reputed stores.

Hunt for in-store deals

There is always a chance of finding a special offer or deal in-store when you actually go there. Know the store layout well enough so that you can easily reach the sale counter and pick some amazing deals. You can join a loyalty program to save up if you shop regularly from the same store. Big stores often organize grocery sales on some special occasions and days of the week or month. Prioritize shopping only on these days.

Check weights and expiry dates

Smart shoppers also save on groceries by checking the weights and expiry dates of the products. You may even carry along a calculator to compare prices per unit of similar products from different brands. Avoid buying bulk products that are near expiry because you may have to discard them if unused by the expiry date.

So these are some intelligent grocery buying tips that you can implement month after month. Stay committed to picking only the stuff you need. 

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