6 tips to lower the ping in online games

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This informative article helps you to lower the gaming latency, generally known as ‘ping’ and reduce lag by making changes to your Net connection.

Ping signifies the particular number of milliseconds it usually takes for any real-life action (e.g., moving the mouse orpressing the button) to sign up in the particular game server you are using.

Remember that there’s no secureway to reduce your ping but below tips can certainly help you make your gaming experience better.

Try to Move Closer to Your Router

If you’re using a Wi-Fi network, reducing the space between the router and gaming device will improve the Internet connection strength, which will certainly reduce your ping.

As this particular step is not likely to fix the ping problems entirely, it is a good rule of thumb.

Things such as floors, walls, and various other physical hurdles may hamper the wireless signal.

Close Any Background Websites and Applications

Having bandwidth-heavy programs such as YouTube, Netflix, torrenting services, and various other online games running may severely affect the ping.

Thisis applicable tobackground applications and sites on all devices, not just the one on which you are playing.

If there are any downloads runningbackground, cancel or pause them.

Non-Internet-based applications will not impact the ping, though they may change the game’s performance.

Don’t Use Multiple Devices on A Single Wi-Fi Connection

Wireless routers and Web connections can support many devices, and each and everyin-use device may weaken the available speedand increase the ping.

If you are living with many people, this might be out of the question. Another best thing is an Ethernet connection or ps4. There are many people who sell ps4 online, so you won’t have to be worried about your ping, it can significantly reduce it to make the gaming experience best.

Use Local Servers

Playing on a gaming server in your country (or even, on the side of the country) will significantly lower the ping if you are usedto playing on some other countries’ gaming servers.

As you may need to sit in a lobby for a couple of minutes before you can enroling a game, the higher functionality is actually worth the wait.

Connect the Device to The Wireless Router Via Ethernet Cable

As long as your wireless router is not the problem, the ping isinvariably lower on your “cable” connection than on any wireless one.

If this does not reduce the ping, the router is most likely triggering the low ping or the internet access coming directly from the Internet service provider could be at fault.

Restart the Modem and Router

If the network devices havebeen working non-stop, it may not be working properly.

Taking out the power cabling from both the router and the modem, waiting a few seconds or more, and after that re-attaching them may refresh the Internet connection and potentially reduce the ping.