5 ways to drive traffic to your website


Websites are the internet’s real estate. They are crucial for creating exposure, building trust, and making sales. These days, most businesses have a website.

But having a website is not enough: if only a few people visit your website, it is as good as a wilderness. Let’s explore some simple tips for driving traffic to your site.

Create Value

You can have click-bait titles, but if your content is shoddy, forget about consistent traffic. Content is king and as long as you deliver helpful content, your website will be the toast of many. A content marketing approach, where content is tailored to the needs of your audience, is the way to go.

Create a blog that aggregates valuable content for your readers. Instead of fluff, put up evergreen posts that contain actionable tips and insights. Allow for questions and comments on each post. Aside from blog posts, you can create tutorials, free-ebooks, infographics, webinars, Slideshows, and other content to help your readers. Such valuable content helps build your authority within a niche while attracting links.


There are over 3.5 billion Google searches per day. Some of these searches are related to your business’ niche. The question you should be asking yourself is whether most of these queries land at your website. That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in.

At its core, SEO is about optimizing your website to rank high in Google searches. SEO involves working on keyword research, URL structure, meta descriptions, landing pages, guest posting, and backlinks. Although you can do some SEO by yourself, it can get overwhelming. You may be better off working with organizations like Mass Appeal that are well-versed in various SEO strategies.

Email Marketing

About half the world’s population use emails. If you want a way to reach a wider audience, then there’s probably no better way than email marketing. Here’s a quick roundup of how to do email marketing right.

  • Build and grow your email list: Use a lead magnet like free eBooks and discounts on products to draw readers to signup.
  • Segment your List: Breaking your list into smaller groups helps you do effective targeting and marketing.
  • Automate the process using email services like MailChimp, Drip, and Active Campaign.
  • Consistently review and tailor your emails to suit your audience.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Nearly 52% of global website traffic comes through mobile devices. Clearly, if your website is not mobile-optimized, you will turn away many visitors. Videos and images should be optimized to run properly on mobile devices. The last thing you would want is an image that takes forever to load on a mobile phone. Your website is likely to be slow and unresponsive. Also, your blog posts and articles should be properly formatted and easy to read.

Use Social Media

Any business that is not active on social media is shooting itself in the foot. From old giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to relatively newer ones such as TikTok, social media sites and apps are a favorite of many internet users, particularly millennials. Be active and promote your message on these platforms. Network and connect with social media communities within your industry. That way, you’ll stay updated on the trends and interests within the market.

When it comes to making your website a favorite of readers, consistency is key. The tips listed above are not one-off tricks. You must keep at it until you see the results. Of course, there are many more tips for driving traffic to your website, but the ones we’ve shared can help you get started.