5 ways to boost your business productivity through better sleep health


Sufficient good quality sleep is vital for living a healthy, comfortable, and productive life. But, most of the people don’t get sufficient good quality sleep daily.

It is even worse for thousands of business leaders and entrepreneurs who find it difficult to get good quality sleep regularly. Good quality sleep is vital for staying focused and being productive to succeed in their respective business ventures.

Most of the entrepreneurs find it difficult to get 7 or 9 hours of sleep every night after spending more than 12 hours at work every day. You should try to improve the quality of your sleep, which will help you to stay focused, make you energetic, and refresh you, rather than trying to push for more hours of sleep which may not be as effective.

Here are 5 ways to boost your business productivity through better sleep health.

Invest in the right mattress

As an intelligent entrepreneur you are well aware that quality matters, quality products always keep you in the business. Similarly, for good quality sleep, you need to invest in the right mattress. You should not hesitate to spend extra money while buying the right mattress.

The right mattress will support your body and you can sleep in your preferred sleeping position comfortably through the night. The right mattress will keep you cool when you are asleep and won’t allow the creation of pressure points so that you wake up refreshed and well-rested. Lots of the business leaders and entrepreneurs have taken a liking to Celliant technology-based mattress accessories that are believed to have positive restorative effects on the human body.

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Follow a schedule

You should follow a sleep schedule that is in-sync with the day and night, so that your circadian rhythm stays intact. You should try to follow a sleep schedule more often than not, even though it is very difficult for an entrepreneur to be rigid about the sleep schedule because of hectic work schedules, meetings, business travel, etc.

You should always budget for extra time to avoid meetings getting extended which may impact your sleep schedule.

Follow healthy food habits

You should consume healthy food and drinks to improve your sleep health. You should consume food and drinks that are rich in nutrients that promote good sleep health and help in relieving stress and can relax your body.

You should avoid oily, spicy, fatty, and sugary food in your last meal of the day before you go to bed. Oily, spicy, and fatty food can increase the chances of acid reflux and are hard for your digestive system which can result in poor sleep.

You should limit the intake of caffeine-laden drinks and food. Coffee is a favourite drink of most of the entrepreneurs because it can keep you alert, but you should consume it only in the mornings and avoid drinking 5-6 hours before your bedtime. Some of the dark chocolates contain caffeine and you should limit their consumption.

You should limit the intake of alcohol and consume it 3 hours before your bedtime as it can be bad for your sleep, although you may feel sleepy right after drinking it.

You should ensure that you don’t skip any meals to focus on work.

Pay attention to your sleep environment

You should have a perfect sleep environment that will boost your sleep health.

You should neither take your work nor have entertainment centers in your bedroom. All the blue light-emitting electronic gadgets are bad for your sleep.

You should set your smartphone on silent mode and switch off the notifications before going to bed so that in-coming notification doesn’t disturb your sleep.

Your sleep environment should stay quiet, dark, and cool while you are asleep.

Meditate and exercise

You should take some time out for some physical activity and relaxation of mind.

You should go for a walk and exercise in the mornings, a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity per day have been found helpful in improving sleep health.

You should do mediation and mindfulness exercises to relax your mind and improve concentration which can help make complex decisions and improves your focus and productivity.


You should remember that your success as an entrepreneur depends on the decisions you make while you are awake. You need to get sufficient good quality sleep regularly to stay awake in the right sense, so that you can make complex business decisions and keep on moving ahead in your business venture.