5 ways call routing can improve customer service

Call routing

In current times, it is all about customer satisfaction and happiness. A company that fails to impress customers won’t last in the long run.

To improve longevity, companies have to go the extra mile to improve their customer service. Vying for your customer’s interest is not as easy as it sounds. And secondly, providing the top-notch customer is also imperative. So what is it that you have and the others don’t? What will compel them to choose you over other brands in the market? Ever since the inception of skills based routing, many firms have witnessed massive improvement in their customer service.

 But we all know it is tough to be available for customers 24/7, and it isn’t humanly possible. Therefore, you need to have a telephonic system that allows customers to get in touch with a particular department that manages their queries. Getting problems solved in the first call is beneficial. Here are five ways, call routing helps in improving your customer service:

It Saves Time

Nobody likes to wait today; everyone wants to have their issues addressed as soon as possible. A concrete benefit of call routing is, it helps customers in avoiding the long process of waiting to speak to the customer service representative. Furthermore, clients are not interested in explaining the reason behind their calls to the new CSR when they can easily communicate with someone who is already well versed in their problems. Secondly, if clients are satisfied while talking to the representatives, the chances are, they will return.

It Increases Sales

The big challenge is, how exactly does call routing nail it? The irony is, when your representative will receive a call from customers, the Caller ID will enable you to know the history of the client with the company. This way, your customer service representatives will be ready to offer discounts and coupon codes to customers that are in alignment with their demands. So next time you plan to increase sales, align your caller profiles with whatever the company has to offer in terms of monetary discounts to the customers. This will help in increasing the company revenue in a short time.

It Performs Several Tasks

Thanks to Call routine, it has enabled companies to carry out several activities at the same time. Not only does it improve the security of the company, but it also helps a firm in learning about the geography of their clients. For instance, if you want to know about the area where your customers are in abundance, you can easily track the call records. You can also filter incoming calls and have them distributed amongst the customer service representatives accordingly. call routing is not just an option but the need of the hour, which is why several businesses have taken it up as a perfect option to boost their revenues.

It Reduces Frustration

If a few customer service representatives have to take several calls at the same time, it will become difficult for a company to manage them all simultaneously. Contrary to this, if a call is routed to a specific representative of your business who has hands-on experience of managing problems to be discussed on that call, working with the company will become more exciting. This holds for calls that are accidentally made in a company. If a caller can get back to the same person instead of having to explain the entire problem to a new person again, call routing will eradicate a client’s frustration.

It Educates the Team

One of the most concrete benefits of call routing is, it enables your team to learn about the behavioral patterns of a lot of people on the phone. Your team can collect information related to geography and deal with people of that locality. Learning things like the average call holding time, popular menu options liked by clients, and the frequent suggestions given by customers can provide several benefits to the business. This information can help in improving the customer service next time when a caller bumps in.