5 video tips for small business blogs on a budget


With the rise in social media, and the constant battle for your customers’ attention, video has become an increasingly popular platform over the years.

Businesses, however, can still share professional and engaging content across social networking channels to attract customers.

Here are 5 tips you should follow to ensure your small business is creating great quality video content without breaking the bank:

Download Free Apps

With Android users able to purchase 3.8 million apps, and Apple close behind with 2 million, you can browse the ‘Photo and Video’ categories for some great editing software – that is free, of course.

There’s software out there that can help you start the recording, trim the video down and remove those awful bloopers and adjust the colour, just in case you recorded a video somewhere too dark.

Adding text overlays to videos on social media is highly recommended as many users prefer to watch videos in silence and just read subtitles (probably naughty office workers that don’t want their boss to know that they’re scrolling through Facebook throughout the day!) There are many apps that can help with this, and they’re all free!

Production Music

You can’t just add the latest Beyoncé song to the background of your video, unless you want a hefty fine. You can browse a whole host of affordable production music that has been specifically created for TV, Film, and other media outlets such as Vlogs and Adverts etc.

Production music can set the mood, enhance emotion, and sound just as good as commercial tracks but for a fraction of the price. If you’re going to invest in video content, make sure it’s for the music.

Once you’ve decided whether you’re going to include music, you’ll need to seamlessly add it to the video. Try editing apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro  – this enables users to search, audition and download music to accompany your video content without leaving your editing suite – simple, time effective and free!

Be Resourceful

Most of us have everything we need to create a good quality video right in our pocket – the smartphone. Rather than investing in a new camera and microphone, new smartphones can be just as good and can look just as professional. There really is no need to splash out on an expensive camera these days – even the BBC have started to switch to iPhones for recording video content.

If you need to include props in your video, then have a hunt around the house for anything you think could work well or move the bedside table to your filming space rather than investing in new production lighting. Every little helps!

Direct Users to Your Site

If you have a small budget, you’re going to want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. This can be done by ensuring users are being directed to your website, or by making it easy for them to do exactly what you set out for them to do.

This isn’t just adding a link to the video, it’s inserting annotations to help users jump from the video straight to your website or call to actions to attract subscribers.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Don’t settle for a video that isn’t what you want. If you spot any improvements to be made, add or remove anything that you think will make the video look or sound better.

Nobody gets a super-awesome marketing video right the first time, and it’s important to keep playing around with new apps, new tools and new ideas to create great content for your business.