5 tips to help you choose the best work attire


Trying to find the right work attire for your employees that doesn’t just act as protective clothing for the work itself, but also represents the work culture which your company stands for, is no easy task.

After all, how your workers dress while on duty is important both for the sake of their safety and the reputation of your company, but the workwear also has to be affordable enough for you to consider practically. However, the entire process doesn’t need to be complicated, so long as you keep the following points in mind.

Go with a Trusted Brand

The advantage of buying safety workwear from a trusted brand is the assurance of quality, which is of the utmost importance where safety of your employees is concerned of course. However, when you invest in workwear by engelbert strauss, that’s just one of the many advantages. Each one of their products is not just made with the best safety standards in mind for both men and women, but they are also quite trendy.

For example, the 3-in-1 sporty functional jacket by engelbert straussis a breathable, waterproof and windproof piece of multifunctional safety wear that looks like the well-made product that it is. Even though the work clothing range by engelbert straussalways maintains the highest safety standards, it isn’t the costliest safety clothing available in the market either, which is precisely what makes them all the more appropriate for buying in bulk, especially due to the free shipping (only within Germany) offer which they have going on for Christmas.

Keep the Job and the Place in Mind

The thing about workwear clothing is that it varies a lot depending on the industry and the climate where your workers will be working for most of their time. As safety is the first concern when it comes to protective clothing, make a checklist of the features you need the most from your new orders. For example, high visibility work attire is essential if your workers must work in dark environments or near moving vehicles. On the other hand, weatherproof, softshell jackets are necessary if your employees have to face cold and harsh environments outside.

Customisation is Key

Putting a company logo on the workwear clothing is the very first and almost mandatory step really, because that’s what identifies and unifies all your workers. However, that is not the only customisation option you have; see if the provider cannot be a bit more innovative and make the workwear stand out as something that’s exclusive to only your brand.

Every time people see employees wearing your company’s name, logo and unique design, it will automatically market your brand, so consider the workwear customisation expenses as a marketing investment. Don’t overdo it though, or it will end up looking ugly and unappealing.

Consider All Aspects of Safety

As mentioned earlier, making a checklist of everything that you need from the PPE is essential, and that list needs to be made after considering all aspects. This means that a hard hat is fine for protecting the head against falling debris at a construction site or in a factory, but the head is not the only body part which you need to protect.

High-viz jackets, safety harnesses, protective shoes, shielding goggles and work gloves are also necessary for the workers to be truly safe from potential dangers. Make sure you are not forgetting or ignoring anything when it comes to safety, because injuries and fatalities are more common in hazardous work environments than they should be in this day and age.

Is the Workwear Functional?

In addition to safety, the workwear clothing must also be functional, which means that it should not hinder the employee’s productivity in any way and possibly even augment it in some way. In spite of all the promises, not every PPE clothing manufacturer is capable of delivering what they advertise, and the only way to find out for sure is to test it.

Take a demo from them if it is available or feasible, but if that is not a possibility, make the first order a small one and test the quality of the garments out with your employees before finalising on a big, customised order. Also, it might be a good idea to check and see if the provider is producing their products in compliance with the applicable safety regulations.

In light of the recent changes in health and safety regulations all around Europe, it has become particularly necessary for all employers to provide their employees with a safe working environment, as the hefty fines and loss in productivity can potentially bankrupt a business for just one slip in employing safety protocols. Although protective clothing isn’t the only requirement when it comes to providing a safe working environment, it’s definitely one of the most important ones, and this list should help you make the best choice there.