5 things I learnt since opening my new business

Hair loss

I am Shuna Hammocks, a Consultant Trichologist. I diagnose and treat all type of hair loss and scalp conditions from my practice in West Sussex.

Having qualified with The Institute of Trichologists in 2005, I worked for the world-renowned Philip Kingsley Clinic in Mayfair. I wanted to bring my knowledge and experience within the world of hair loss treatment to Sussex, where I live so in 2011 my business Sussex Trichology opened itsdoors.

Statistically,most of us will experience a degree of hair loss or scalp condition andthe emotionalimpact can be devastating. I am here to help holistically pick up the pieces and help, even if your ownGP says he can’t/won’t.

One of the best things you can do in life is to shareour experiences in the hopes it may benefit others. I am a strong believer that rather than keeping our cards close to our chest, we can help each other in business to grow more and share resources. Please find my top 5 tips:

  1. Your website shouldn’t be static! Seems obvious now but I thought after hours of content writing and creating what to me looked like the perfect website, I can keep updating and blogging! I have learnt that “Mr Google” can be your friend if you feed him the right food (keywords) and often!
  2. Keep friends close! For life in general but in particular that people talk to people, a strong reputation and professional approach carries far and wide by word of mouth. A former colleague said to me in this business (hair loss) it isn’t only what you know but who you know- how true! Facebook, albeit via PM as many embarrassed to admit they have an issue such as this: has in particular been my second biggest contact point (after a google search).
  3. It is very easy to focus exclusively on new customers, it is, however, vital that existing patients in my case, are followed up “nice to meet you today” style email along with the occasional (too frequent and they will run away I found) “how are things” contact. People like to feel cared for and HATE mass BCC emails! Newsletters don’t suit all; itdepersonalisesyour service.
  4. Know your worth! It took me a good year to realise that your price is your price- I have overheads like everyone else, my qualification, hefty annual memberships and insurances to cover and a family to support. Therefore offering free time or reduced rates areonly devaluing your worth. If the customer reallywants and respects your expertise, they will pay.


  1. Be authentic! In a world where so many copy others and simplylike or share posts without writing their own- your voice (or your company voice) doesn’t get heard. In the holistic world I practise in, customers want to understand what makes you tick. Not a cold hard online face, to feel your personality: gain the customer’strust, andthen they read on your website how you can help.

To conclude, if we all work together for one common theme: to be noticed, our work shared and in turn that we may be successful. We can then enjoy the immense feeling of “giving back” and perhaps mentoring others in the way we have to learnworks well.