5 survival strategies for fintech start-ups during covid-19 pandemic


COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us into the worst economic crisis. The market has dropped to an all-time low and businesses are shutting down every other day, failing to tolerate losses.

If you own a Fintech company, you need effective survival strategies to help your company survive through the pandemic which we have discussed below.

  1. Analyze How the Crisis Affects Your Business:

First things first, before you start planning a survival strategy, you should have the full knowledge of how the pandemic has affected your business till now. Ask yourself useful questions such as can you still operate under the current scenario or should you only focus on sustaining the business till the end of the pandemic? You have to make a list of the risk factors for your business and assess how each one of them can affect the business over a period of time.

  1. Try to Keep Your Team Intact:

Cost-cutting is one of the easiest ways to make sure that the business does not face any loss, even if you are not making a good profit. Letting go of your employees can be an easy way of doing that which can save a lot of capital, but it should be your last option. Employees are like assets of the company and making sure to be considerate towards them during the pandemic will only help you gain their undivided trust, which can work in favor of the company in the long term. Try to make other cost cuttings and in the worst-case scenario, you can also pay your employees only a part of their salary till things settle.

  1. Maintain Transparent Communication:

As the current scenario is unpredictable and can rise your employees, investors, and customer concerns, be in regular touch with them. Constantly communicating your business rescue strategies will help in motivating your employees, retain your customers, and let your investor rest assured. Being transparent is the need of the hour and one of the most effective strategies that will help in keeping things on track.

  1. Switch to Digital Mode:

Most Fintech companies have been using field agents to communicate with customers and distributors. As the pandemic has made social distancing the new trend which will last post-pandemic as well, you need to shift to a new model. Switch to the digital medium of collecting payments and distribute funds. Get in touch with customers online and shift your entire business to a digital model reducing any physical touchpoints.

  1. Look for Additional Opportunities:

Looking for funding in today’s scenario may not work in your favor, as investors are not interested to risk their capital in such a volatile market. You need to find different means to help your business survive. One effective way out which many businesses are opting for is venturing into a lucrative side investment which will help in collecting additional capital to keep your current business afloat. Cryptocurrency trading is one such area where you can get profitable returns if you make good investments. Cryptocurrency trading software like Bitcoin Revolution analyzes specific market parameters to determine the future prices of different coins and can choose and execute a trading decision automatically. This means your intervention is minimum and the trading software will do all the work towards making profits for you. Learn more about how to use Bitcoin Revolution effectively.

The Bottom Line- Focus on Surviving:

The current situation is a tough one hence creating strategies to make a profit would be thinking too far. Focus on surviving instead by minimizing losses, including money, assets, and employees. The pandemic is not here to stay forever, and when things settle, you will have ample opportunity to push your business towards success.