5 Steps to Take After Your Business is Vandalised

Vandalism cannot only damage your company’s kerb appeal, but also result in thousands of pounds worth of damage. If trespassers have destroyed your office, warehouse or storefront, broken your windows or damaged the exterior, there are various actions you should take to protect your company.

Read below to discover the steps you should take if your business has been vandalised.

Step 1: Report a Crime or Antisocial Behaviour

You should first call the police to report criminal damage or antisocial behaviour. Providing a person’s life isn’t in danger, call 101 to notify the police and call them to the scene.

You must provide the police with any footage you have of the trespasser, such as CCTV video or images of the criminal damage. Thiswill help the police to identify and arrest the suspected vandal.

If the criminal is caught, you may need to attend a court service for their trial or hearing. From there, you’ll be given the opportunity to provide evidence that the individual has caused damage to your business, workplace or health, which could help secure their conviction.

Step 2: Report Vandalism to Your Local Council

If a vandal has damaged a public building, monument, bin or bench, your local council is responsible for the repair. If the vandalism is having a negative impact on your business, report it to your local council as soon as possible.

Step 3: Hire Industrial Services to Remove Graffiti

Private buildings are responsible for removing graffiti from your building, as well as the cost of repairs. If your workplace has been the latest target of graffiti vandals, you should opt for an industrial cleaning service to remove the unwanted paintwork. A team of fullytrained, safety-compliant technicians will be able to remove al traces of the graffiti, ensuring no shadows or ghosting are left behind on the surface.

Step 4: Call Your Insurer

If you have vandalism insurance, get in touch with your insurer immediately to report the issue. It’s important to provide as much evidence as possible to your insurance company as they may cover the cost of repairs or replacement. Theymay be able to cover the cost of any lost income too, which will ensure your business doesn’t lose a penny from the problem.

Step 5: Protect Your Property

Next, you must protect your property to avoid falling victim to vandalism in the near future. For example, you should:

  • Install CCTV cameras
  • Illuminate the exterior with security lighting
  • Add unbreakable security glass
  • Install security fencing around your premises
  • Plant shrubs and bushes for extra security
  • Apply an anti-graffiti coating to your walls
  • Hire an out-of-hours security guard

The above actions can serve as a deterrent and protect your property from future attacks. They may even help you catch the trespasser in the act!

What’s more, you’ll receive peace of mind that your business is safe and secure at all times. You can then focus on the smooth running of your operations.