5 Steps to Manage Multiple Social Media Account

When it comes to social media marketing it involves all the platforms to make the marketing campaigns to be more effective and reachable to the huge audience which these social media platforms have.

It gets really tough when you have to manage multiple pages and accounts so you don’t have to worry about that because in this article we will discuss different steps which will help to manage multiple accounts. Users will be able to manage more than 40 accounts by following the steps below.

1.     Content Strategies:

The first step is to create strategies for your content. This allows you to briefly describe the look and the feeling of the content which you are going to create. The content can include images, videos, description, voice, personality, links, hashtags, frequency, timing and emojis. There is no fixed way to use these things. It is up to the manager which things he or she feels to be good for the social media accounts.

2.     More Followers:

Second step is to gain more fan following, it’s really such a common thing that, if you have more fan following you can draw more attention from the world towards your brand. There are many tools that you can use to get more instagram followers or fan following, like, activeig.com, qubeviews.com, instadean, wbix.com etc. From these highly recommended websites you can buy real and legit Instagram followers instantly and start growing your online venture.

3.     Content Calendars:

Third step is to develop calendars which will be used to schedule the posts for the social media app. The content will be posted according to the business sales and the development strategies which have been created for it. If you want to easily use a calendar which will allow you to edit within the calendars by adding the relevant information then there are various applications which will be great for this purpose. Users can easily organize their content into it. The content calendars can easily be shared through Google Drive and Dropbox when you have to pass on the information to a different tool.

4.     Create and Schedule Content:

Once the content has been created along the calendars then it is time to put in the information to the calendar or start scheduling the content specifically on each date. The tool which is used to schedule the content is Hootsuite. For this tool users can set up their content up to 3 or maximum up to 6 months to post on Instagram which is fine for most users. In this way the user can associate maximum engagement on specific events like fashion shows. If the user wants to remove something due to a change in the schedule or for another reason then he or she can simply reschedule the content in the calendar.

5.     Monitor and Analyze the pages daily:

When everything is scheduled up for advance then it gives time to the users to be able to monitor and analyze the results. By using the Hootsuite tool, the users are able to use unique streams which also includes content based geotags, mentions, hashtags, lists and the competition which will be related to your content. It has a great interface which separates all the social media accounts so that they are easy to monitor and analyze once they have been set up for the content.


By following the above steps the users will be able to manage the content in all the social media accounts he or she has. Search and choose the tools which are best suited for your purpose.