5 Reasons why you may need to use a solicitor for your business

Solicitor pointing at contract showing client where to write signature

As a business owner, you will likely run into plenty of instances where reaching out to a solicitor proves essential to your ability to stay on top of the demands of running a company.

Here are just five of the most common reasons why you may need to seek legal help during the course of business.

You Might be Involved in a Legal Dispute

Any legal disputes threaten to disrupt the flow of ‘business as usual’ and could cost you significant amounts of time and money. These disputes may even do damage to your business’s reputation, which is why the sooner you are able to get good legal advice, the better you will be able to protect your position. What’s more, it could also save you money in the long run.

You May Need to Protect, Exploit or Defend Your Business’s Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property falls under an incredibly complex branch of law.

Whether you are taking the initial steps to protect your business’s IP, locked into a dispute over IP theft, or looking to create a Licence or Assignment Agreement with another company, it is essential that you work alongside a firm like Willans.co.uk who can offer a keen, detailed knowledge of intellectual property law. In doing so, you can ensure that your property is protected, and that you are not at risk of accidentally stealing another’s.

You Might Have an Issue with an Employee

Any disputes that open up between you and your employees must be treated with a high degree of caution. Employment law is constantly changing, and ensuring that you do not do anything to make the situation more difficult for yourself is crucial.

Alternatively, you may simply want to draw up employment contracts, policies and other documents with the help of someone who is in a position to cross the t’s and dot the i’s – and ensure that you don’t run into any unexpected issues down the line.

You May Have Data Protection Responsibilities that You Need to Fulfil

Now more than ever before, every company in operation must live up to a number of obligations and duties pertaining to data protection. Again, this area of law has changed a great deal in recent years, and will continue to evolve in accordance with the unpredictable landscape surrounding data protection. You may need a data protection solicitor to perform a gap analysis and create documentation for you, among other things.

Or You Might be Buying or Selling a Business or Shares

Corporate solicitors hold a wealth of experience in the law around the transfer of shares, and unless you have been through this process hundreds of times already, you will need a corporate solicitor to help guide you through. There will be plenty of factors to take into consideration in order to ensure that the sale goes through smoothly—and that you don’t run into any unexpected issues later on – and working with someone who knows exactly what to expect will pay dividends in the long run.