5 reasons why online business owners should learn SEO


It is undeniable the impact of the rapid growth of the internet has brought to the business world. Jobs have been created and businesses have grown faster.

Whether you are entirely or partially running your business online it’s best when you take whole advantage of the opportunity. Conducting business online has numerous benefits; a key benefit being hugely saving on cost. However, most of the benefits will be more useful when you know how to use the tools provided. Creating a quality website for your business is a great step but that’s the beginning.

The aim of every business is selling as much of their products or services as possible. Therefore, this website is not only created for your regular clients but also to attract potential clients. That is where Search Engine Optimization– SEO comes to play. SEO is the process involved with influencing the visibility of your website online. Most people if not all, prefer to find their results on the first page of a search engine. Partially out of laziness but also it speaks something about the information. People tend to trust what comes first to be relevant and true, which might not be the case.

Why is SEO important?

There are millions of online businesses, both big and small. This makes the number of websites overwhelmingly many and search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing have to find a way to give the most relevant choices for the user. Google is the market leader and uses a formula called an ‘algorithm’ to sort out the websites that gets priority. Google and other search engines don’t wholly share the algorithm but they share some aspects of the formulae that help interested parties improve the visibility of their site.

SEO is a major way of doing it. Contrary to popular opinion, SEO can be done by anyone interested to learn. While there are several parts of SEO ranging from basic to advance, it is not as technical as assumed. Any business owner can learn this skill. It’s a worthwhile commitment that gives back more than what you asked for. When implemented well, SEO is a great investment that will add value to your website as well as bank account over time.

Reasons to learn SEO

As a business owner, a lot is going on in the running of your business and you’d frankly not have more responsibilities thrown your way. However, SEO is a worthwhile investment that will help your product get recognition worldwide. Some companies offer SEO services but at a fee, you might be unable to allocate. Furthermore, it’s something you can grasp and since you’re are passionate about your business, you are the best candidate to get that boat rowing. Kane Georgiou, owner of The Money Pig, states “I have paid a lot of the money in the past on SEO. But it’s a bit like taking your car to the mechanic. If you don’t know exactly why and what you are paying for, you can get left high and dry” I believe his point is that you should learn the in’s and out’s of SEO first so that when you do hire someone to do this job, you have a clear understanding of exactly what is needed and how much it should cost.

Here are five main reasons to invest in Search Engine Optimization.

1.Assists In Building Credibility

The main goal for SEO is to help a user find the relevant information for their search. When your site ranks high, this means what you offer is relevant to what they need. This is a win for both of you since customers will find value in your site while being aware of your business. Search engines are also companies that want to offer the best for their clients. They are in search of sites with quality SEO to bring out the best choices for the users. A lot of effort is made into developing a great algorithm plan. Therefore, if your site is recognized, it will surely be trusted. With the right use of SEO, your site will rank among the first giving it a lot of credibilities. This will eventually increase your sales.

2. Improves visibility of your website

When a customer is searching for a product, chances are, they’ll be interested in the top five result search. Search engines have found their place in people’s hearts and most trust the results. But the spirit of good faith doesn’t go all the way to the third page of the search engine. Honestly, no one has that time and besides, why would you continue looking if you’ve found what you were looking for in the first page. this is why you seriously need to learn about SEO. When your business is among the top, sales become a non-issue and now you’ll start getting worried about stock out.

3. It is an asset

As said earlier, you can always pay for SEO services, but this will partially be a liability to you since you’ll have to pay. But if you learn the skill yourself, you can always offer your services for a fee while you also improve your business. SEO is a major game-changer in every aspect. Unlike other forms of traditional marketing where you really on luck for your advertisement to reach the right client, SEO lets you get found by the client.

4. Gain a competitive advantage

Sites that rank high on a search engine might not necessarily produce the best products, but that’s how it looks. The higher you rank the more customers you’ll get. This is because people trust these engines and would go for the first options. Therefore, you can’t afford to be left behind while your competitors are investing in SEO marketing.

5. Helps create a user-friendly website

Implementing SEO tools is like killing two birds with one stone. Your site gets better visibility as well as become user-friendly. The current definition of SEO is not only limited to optimizing search engines but also creating a faster and smoother user-friendly website.


As an online business owner, to be on top of the game, you should be conversant with technology. This could be terrible news for a rigid business and you should take advantage of that. It changes frequently and so should your strategy and skills. SEO is one of those skills when learned will always give back in the long run. Therefore, as you follow upcoming trends and moving ahead of your competitors, remember that SEO has never and will never be dead and implement it for impressive results.