5 natural ways to detoxify your body at home


If you think processed foods, that promise good health, are healthy, you are mistaken.

Today, most of the food items available in the market, be they processed foods, fruits and vegetables, or many beverages, are chock-a-block with chemicals. However, the biggest culprit, that adds toxins to your body is the unfiltered water that you consume.

So, the need of the hour is to detoxify your body by avoiding chemical-laden foods and unfiltered water. The process of detoxification helps in getting rid of such toxins.

Ways to detoxify

Here is how you can detoxify your body at home:

#1 Remain hydrated

Water is essential for the body, and experts advise drinking plenty of it. The importance of water can be gauged from the fact that an average person can survive without it for only about three days! Water not only keeps you alive but also keeps your body hydrated, enabling all the bodily functions.

In addition to the survival factor of water, it also possesses some incredible detoxifying properties. It removes unwanted toxins from the body, boosts energy levels, and help in weight loss. The recommended water intake is four to five liters a day.

However, water from a dubious source can be harmful, so it is better to use water filters to treat it. And the best among the lot is the big Berkey water filters that claim to eliminate 99.999 percent of parasites, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, cysts, and unwanted chemicals.

#2 Eat hygienic foods

Today, what is available in the market as packaged food is full of preservatives that are harmful when consumed. These processed, refined, and highly fried foods cause toxin accumulation in the body. Even excessive salt, sugar, and oils lead to various health issues.

So, your best option is to go in for organic foods, such as organic fruits and vegetables, and altogether avoid fast foods and processed foods. Also reduce the intake of salt, sugar, and oils. Doing so will boost detoxification and prevent toxins from collecting in the body.

#3 Shake a leg

Exercising is not only good for health, but it is also an excellent way to detoxify. Sweating, caused by exercising, helps the skin in eliminating toxins, which include metals, such as lead, arsenic, and mercury. Your age and current health condition will dictate the amount and duration of the exercise.

For exercising, you don’t have to join a gym; you can do so most conveniently at home. Simple crunches, pushups, squats, forward lunges, and front planks are enough to make the body sweat profusely. For people suffering from any ailment, taking the advice of a doctor before undertaking exercising is essential.

#4 Rest your digestive system

The best way to rest your digestive organs is to go on a fast. And you don’t have to be very rigid in fasting and not eat anything, a fruit and vegetable fasting is as effective in detoxification. Keep aside a day or two in which eat only fruits and vegetables. This will give your stomach and other digestive organs a much-needed rest.

Once you undergo this kind of fasting, you are sure to feel lighter, more energetic, and less lethargic. Moreover, fasting is also linked to longevity and lower risk of ailments. You are more likely to not only lose weight but also live a healthier life.

#5 Adopt a green diet

The best way to include greens in your diet is through smoothies. These are not only tasty but are also full of nutrients. You can make smoothies out of vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce, beetroot, carrot, cucumber, and kale. You can also make them out of fruits like apples, bananas, strawberries, and others.

Smoothies are most effective, when you drink them either during breakfast or late in the evening. These not only make you feel refreshed but also help boost your immunity, as also effectively aid the detoxification process.


Detoxification assumes importance for keeping the body healthy and disease-free. And one of the essential ways of detoxification is to have a healthy diet of organic fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods, laden with excessive sugars, salts, and trans fats. Also, never drink unfiltered water.

Photo by Dose Juice on Unsplash