5 Reasons to use proxies with sneaker bots


Sneaker bots increase your chances of copping the shoe in its release. It helps outdo thousands of people who are eager to purchase the sneaker as soon as they appear on the website.

Retailers are aware of people using bots to cop sneakers, and they do their very best to prevent it.

They rely on IP addresses to track each visitor. If the site detects that you are using a bot to purchase shoes, it will likely block your IP immediately, leaving you out of luck for copping sneakers.

Proxies are your answer to help avoid this situation by providing you multiple IP addresses. In the eyes of the retailers’ security systems, you appear as multiple users buying the shoes.

What Are Sneaker Bots?

A sneaker bot is a sophisticated tool that speeds up buying shoes online as soon as they appear on the website. They work much faster than humans, thereby increasing your chances of copping the sneaker on its launch. Many of these shoes will appear later in the aftermarket and will be sold for profit.

What Are Sneaker Proxies?

Sneaker proxies are software that masks your original IP address with a different one, thereby making you anonymous on the web. Proxies enhance your sneaker bot’s performance by equipping it with multiple IP addresses. Even if your IP gets blacklisted, you will be provided a new IP.

However, it is essential to choose the right sneaker proxy as per your needs. If not, your chances of copping the shoe will decrease significantly, and your hard-earned money will be wasted.

Why Use Proxies With Bots?

Proxies help bypass anti-bot measures, strengthen your online security, provide you multiple IP addresses, and enable you to purchase several pairs of shoes.

Let’s take an in-depth look at various reasons to use proxies with sneaker bots.

1- Helps Scrape Websites Regularly

No website releases the exact launch time of the sneakers. At most, you will only know the date of release. Bots help you stay at the top of the release and purchase it as soon as they appear on the website.

However, to do this, bots send hundreds of requests to the website every second. There’s a high chance that the site’s security system will detect the bot due to the number of requests it is making. That’s where proxies can help.

Proxies rotate your IP address for each request that your bot makes, thereby mitigating the chances of getting blacklisted.

2- Bypass Anti-Bot Measures Implemented by Retailers

Websites are aware of bots being used to cop sneakers. Most of them have even implemented software to prevent users from using bots to purchase the limited-edition shoe. Their program relies on the speed of the buying process. Bots are indeed faster than humans.

However, with proxies, you can easily bypass their software. Residential proxies are associated with a physical location, making the bot appear legitimate.

3- Reduces Ping Latency

If you are looking to purchase shoes from a website that is located in a different location than yours, you will experience high ping latency. Even if you use the fastest bot in the world, you will likely lose to your competitors.

Thousands of sneakerheads wait for brands to release the shoe, and many of them use bots. So, the only way to outdo them and cop the sneaker successfully is with the help of proxies.

Residential proxies have servers located in every major city and country. It brings you closer to the website you want to target, reducing ping latency, and increasing the buying speed.

4- Helps Purchase Several Pairs of Sneaker

Since the limited-edition sneakers are made in a limited quantity, retailers restrict the number of shoes you can buy to “one.” As soon as you complete the purchase, the site notifies you with a message like “you are not allowed to purchase.”

Since proxies rotate your IP address frequently, the websites consider it as if multiple users are trying to purchase shoes and not just one person. This way, you can buy several pairs of sneakers without getting banned.

5- Strengthens Your Online Security

Buying sneakers involves using debit and credit cards. Hackers are spread all over the web looking to steal financial information of people who are not so aware of how to secure their details online.

Proxies act as an intermediary between your network and the website. They mask your original IP address with a different one, making it difficult for cybercriminals to steal personal information.

A rotating residential proxy changes your IP address every 5-10 minutes, thereby adding an extra layer of protection between your financial details and hackers.

Wrapping Up

To increase your chances of copping the sneaker or buy multiple pairs of those limited-edition shoes, you need to combine bots with proxies. They also reduce ping latency, thereby increasing your bot’s efficiency. Are you already using a proxy with your bot? How is your experience with it? Are there any proxies that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments.