5 powerful and innovative ways for firms to engage audiences in 2022

As 2022 draws ever closer, many brands will be considering ways to engage audiences in the new year. So, here are 5 powerful and innovative ways you can do just that.

Social Media

Establishing a strong, personable social media presence is essential in engaging a loyal, devoted audience. In part, employing the right social media manager holds great weight in this: your personality and values as a business should shine through in every post, comment and like.

A customer will always seek your product first, if it’s the first product they see when they click on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter in the morning. Without the limitations of region or country – as soon as you get the ball rolling on your social media presence – expect a new, widespread and dedicated audience to call in.

Interactive Content

Perhaps your social media presence is strong – but what about the actual content you are putting out? After the monotony of lockdown and restrictions, an audience seeks something more from their business of choice. Invest in interactive, engaging social content: run exclusive giveaways, products and promos, put out polls for your customers, respond to their commentary – make your clients feel as though they are heard in your business.

Once your customers are heard, they respond in kind. Interactive content is powerful, and can generate streams and sales like your business has never seen.

Invest in SEO

Engaging audiences, especially in the tech-savvy 2022, depends largely on the content of your website. Your website can be attractive and functional, but millennials and other techno-born generations seek substance from a website.

A current audience wants content that speaks to them and their values, even their political inclinations. Determine your customer demographic, and target them with precise SEO accordingly.

Use keywords that grab attention, but also reel in customers on an emotional and personal level. Engagement will never be higher.

Keep on with virtual communication

An audience, especially one made of a flexible workforce as established during the pandemic, appreciate a business that has mastered virtual communication.

Show your audience how you use technology to thrive as a business, even how you use a webinar platform to maintain honest and healthy communication between your employees.

Customers value transparency, and they value a business who knows what they’re doing virtually!

Train your employees to tag, share and interact

Employees make a business whole. They represent you, and your face, to the wider public.

Train your employees to advocate and promote your business online: tagging, sharing and interacting with a potential audience as an extension of your business. This engagement makes your business tangible and ‘real’ in the eyes of your audience.

Audiences in 2022 are striving for human connection with their chosen business, and employees can offer this personality and connection in abundance.

Celebrate the heritage of your business

While not necessarily innovative in the traditional sense – companies have been advertising their years of experience and family run values for years – technology has made celebrating the heritage of your business a new phenomenon indeed.

Through educational content, and celebratory posts, you can record the milestones and history of your business in an entirely different way. Audiences will be engaged with the heart of your business, and more inclined to purchase from a business they have seen ‘grow’ from the very beginning.