5 international entity setup tips

When your firm wants to grow worldwide, you'll be advised to form an international corporation. What does it entail, and more importantly, how would a foreign legal entity influence your business?

When your firm wants to grow worldwide, you’ll be advised to form an international corporation. What does it entail, and more importantly, how would a foreign legal entity influence your business?

What is an international entity?

When a local corporation wishes to expand into a new country, it creates an international entity, or foreign legal entity. Establishing an international organization has several methods, but the ultimate objective is to promote worldwide growth.

What’s needed to start a foreign company?

When you want to start Cyprus company registration, foreign legal entities have three major categories:

Representative post

Representative office presence is negligible in the nation. Your staff are corporate representatives, not salespeople or counterparties. Your company may explore opportunities for expansion throughout the country thanks to our office. Global growth frequently begins with a representative office. Representative offices don’t operate as businesses, therefore setting up is as simple as registering with the federal and local governments.

Branch office

Branch offices expand your business. Your company owns it, and its taxes and administration follow its home country’s. A branch office adds legal responsibilities but allows your international corporation greater flexibility. Legally opening a branch office is simple. Unlike a representative office, registration usually requires a manager or other company authority on-site. Citizens or permanent residents of the host countries must register.


A subsidiary is owned by the parent but functions legally separately. This classification protects the parent corporation from host-country responsibility. Global subsidiaries may expand into global markets and gain a worldwide reputation. However, forming a subsidiary is costly and time-consuming.

Your subsidiary will confront regulatory and political hurdles peculiar to the host nation, therefore it’s best to engage a local attorney or accountant to help you. To establish a subsidiary, a corporate representative must visit with banks and government authorities in person, often numerous times, depending on the host nation.

Legal entity setup: good or bad for global expansion?

Depending on your company’s long-term ambitions, entity structure for international development may appear uncomplicated. It may open new markets, boost brand awareness, and simplify cost-effective manufacturing.

However, doing business overseas is costly, especially tax-wise, and exposes you to local market volatility and economic downturns. Are you ready to substantially invest in a new market?

How InteliumLaw could help?

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