5 emotions you should control when investing in cryptocurrencies

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Having the right mindset while investing in cryptocurrencies is extremely important.

Sometimes investors get influenced by their emotions and make wrong trading decisions. As a result, they have to incur a huge loss and give up their trading journey.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the different types of sentiments and emotions traders go through while trading in cryptocurrencies. In this article, I have listed the five emotions you need to control when investing in cryptocurrencies and how to avoid them.

Psychology of Trading

Learning about the psychology of trading can help you understand your emotions and develop the right mindset for trading. You need to control the following five emotions while investing in cryptocurrencies.

  1. Greed
  2. Fear
  3. Hope, Obsession, and Over-Confidence
  4. Boredom
  5. Frustration

Although you have other emotions, these are the five emotions that heavily influence your trading decision. To avoid them, you need to practice self-discipline and stick to an effective trading plan.

You can develop a profitable crypto trading strategy by consulting the experts for more watch the video And here, I will be sharing how to identify the emotions and control them while investing.


Every investor gets influenced by greed and takes impulsive trading decisions. Some investors control this emotion by adhering to a set of rules and money management principles. At the same time, others can’t get over their greed and make their trading journey into gambling.

It is a natural tendency of humans that we will have a positive response to the good news. But becoming greedy and taking impulsive trades can lead to a trading catastrophe. So creating a money management system can help you stop trading while you reach your target. In this way, you can get control over your greed.


Greed and fear go hand in hand. That means, when you fear, you have a tendency to respond negatively while trading. You exit early from your position or do not take a potential trade due to negative news.

Another way that leads to massive loss is the fear of losing and not exiting the position even though there is a real need. So fear can also be controlled by an effective money management system. It will help you to manage your risk by setting your tolerance zone.

Hope, Overconfidence, and Obsession

Hope is a good thing for succeeding in life. However, hope should be in limits; otherwise, it can ruin your life. The same goes for trading and investing too.

When you hope that a trading opportunity can give you big returns, you should invest in it, but being overconfident can lead to a massive loss.

On the other hand, sometimes you already have lost some money, but you don’t realize the loss with the hope of getting recovery.

So never break the rules you have set while planning your money management system.


Sometimes you are getting bored while trading can lose your focus from the trading platform. You may get bored using the same thing repeatedly and do some other activities like browsing something else on the internet.

You may miss some potential trading opportunities while you are bored. To avoid this, you need, set your priorities clear, and never get distracted to anything while trading.


Frustration comes when you make the same mistake multiple times, take high risk, break the rules, etc. When you repeat the same emotional mistake mentioned above, you reinforce your behavior and emotions.

In this case, you need to stop trading for some days or weeks and relax. Before you restart trading, analyze where you go wrong, and try to build a system to avoid them.


A trading mindset is extremely important to become successful. So focus on building an effective money management system and never break your rules. You may miss some opportunities while adhering to your rules, but you should not break them. You can modify them later while analyzing your trades. Finally, I hope the above information helped you to understand the emotions you need to control when investing in cryptocurrencies.